Monday, 28 September 2015

Primers for Normal skin.

Since I do have oily skin(sometimes combo/Dehydrated) I don't have that many primers for different skin types,  I may have few because I like to try makeup out and I end up having makeup that would suit someones else skin better than mine.I have tried the original Baby skin primer and did not like it again due to it being too silicony and  feeling oily. This on the other hand is amazing it will make your makeup last and smooth out your skin, as much as it is suitable for normal skin it is for oily too. It has slight color to it for people with warm undertones in their skin but the color disappears when you apply it and doesn't interfere with your makeup.They have another one for skin that has cool undertones in Rose.  Now if your skin is really, really oily this may not be your best choice as well as the other 2 primers I will be mentioning.
Retail price: €11.49 
You can get it in Boots and they have offer now for Maybelline products when you buy 3 cheapest one is free. The other 2 I'd recommend is Fit me foundation and their lipsticks.

 This primer comes in 2 colors for warm and cool skin undertones, the on I have is in Radiant yellow for warm undertones since my skin is more yellow, if you have more pink color in your skin get the Radiant pink. The color of the primer will be gone when you apply it. I got it because I do have problems with my skin being sometimes dehydrated even tho it is oily and what this does is hydrated the skin while controlling the oils.Yes this is great for normal skin but it is amazing for oily/dehydrated combination skin. It has vitamins E and C in it that acts as antioxidants as well as Caffeine, if you have really red skin I wouldn't recomend it as the caffeine will stimulate your blood flow and can make your skin even more red.
 Retail price:€40.00 keep in mind that you get 50ml of product instead of usual 30ml that most products provide.
You can get this in Brown Thomas or Bt2 stores.
This  primer would suit pretty much anyone from dry to oily skin, but as I said before for someone who has really oily skin stick to matifying primers. This is like a face cream, but it will make your makeup last.It has great benefits of having Vitamins A, C and E act as antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment, witch makes it ideal for mature skin, and great products to have in your kit if you are makeup artist. Perfect for doing wedding makeup.
Laura Mercier in general does amazing makeup products and you can get specifically hydrating primer for dry skin and mattifying primer for oily skin, as well as Mineral primer for sensitive skin.
Retail price: €42.00
You can get this in Brown Thomas and selected Boots stores.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Primers for Oily ski

This isn't one of my favorite primers for oily skin but it works, there is no problem with it. It is a personal preference and this is a bit too much silicone to me than I would like it. Even tho this is for redness it wont mask any reddens when you put it on so that was a fail,but if you need just cheap primer this will work. Would suit normal skin.
I got this in Norther Ireland . The W7 brand is a bit more available there but I have seen in pharmacies around Dublin that they are stocking this brand more and more. I payed probably in around 5euro mark.You can order this from amazon.
Absolutely love this primer hands down one of my favorites, and yes I already have backup.It is more like white, thick cream consistency not silicone but after you apply it, it drys really quickly and keeps your face matte for really long time, I have used it with many foundations and I have never had any problems. Would suit normal skin as well.
Retail price €7.99, you can get it in most Boots stores or off boots website. If you buy it now you can get 2 for €12 on selected Rimmel products,the other one I would highly suggest is Rimmel stay matte powder, or any of their lipsticks are amazing.
*Highly recommend this

Benefit-this shouldn't be a surprise as it is and has been a cult favorite for a really long time and is really a primer that you can buy and not be afraid that it wont work. I always have to have this in my makeup stash. It has a little bit of skin tone color to it but it wont clash or interrupt with your makeup, it smooths out skin and leaves it feeling flawless and the makeup last for a long time. It is more to silicone side but it isn't that slippery oily feeling silicone. Another reason why I like primers in general is because they create layer between your skin and makeup protecting it from all the harsh chemicals and environmental damage.
Retail price for this usually is €34 but Debenhams has it on offer now for  €30.60 so if you want to get it you might as well get it now and save €3.40 for a coffee. You can  get Benefit in Debenhams, Brown Thomas and selected Boots stores.
*Highly recommend this 
This didn't work work for me, there is something In it that I don't like for my skin, but I am including this because I used it on someone else and it worked wonders, The person I used it on had really big pores and as I applied it over the pores they diapered in front of my eyes and foundation applied over it like a dream. With this primer what I would recommend is to try and get a sample first because it can be a hit or miss product so you might as well save the money and try it first in case you wont like it for yourself.  
I coudnt find the price online but It is in around  €30 mark.
You can get in Make Up For Ever store on 38 Clarendon St. Dublin
Dior-had this primer for long time and have repurchased it even tho it is more to expensive side it is so worth it. If I would have to choose for one primer for rest of my life it would be this. It is similar to the Benefit Porefessional primer but slightly better, it keeps your face matte for longer and mattifys it a lot better,as well as it smooths it out better too. Basically for the extra euros you spend you get the extra quality for the product. There is an alternative to this for dry skin since I haven't tried it I cant say how good it is but if it is as good as this primer then it should be amazing.
Retail price usually is €42.50 but you can order it from Debenhams website now for 38.25.
You can get it in Debnhams, Brown Thomas  and Selected Boots stores, as well as online from all of mentioned stores.
 *Highly recommend this

I will have posts up for normal and dry skin so stay in tune.  :)

BONUS:  As much as I woudnt like to bash a product I highly WOULD NOT recommend trying out Revlon PhotoReady perfecting primer not only because it is ridiculously priced at €17.99 for a drugstore product. 
Now this may not be the case for everyone but every time I tried it it made my face oily, foundation did not last, got patchy, start cracking and the makeup just looks in general like you've just got it done around some corner by a local 3yr old. Some people may love this primer but I wouldn't risk spending again 18 for something that can make your makeup look horrendous. And yes I have tried with different foundations and powders nothing helped it. 

Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Small Haul.

So I had to go to town to get  a black dress, witch I did, but problem is my makeup buying. Even today I told my teachers I'll stop buying makeup and what did I do? I went to town and bought makeup. I struggle with that for a long long time and I want to be able to control myself but I cant it was easier for me to give up smoking that it is buying makeup. I wont buy new shoes, clothes, go out, or get food but Id rather spend that money on makeup for some of you it may seem like no big deal but  it is since there are other thing I want and I cant save up cuz I spend everything on makeup,for eg. I want a really good camera, new laptop etc, but Id rather spend it all on makeup especially when it comes to bronzers, highliters and lipsticks I don't think, I just buy it and today is when I actually started to realize that it is a problem and I cant control it.
 Did I need 2 new highliters? NO.
Did I need another 2 lipstick colors when I already own nearly the same colors? NO
I know you can never have enough makeup and I agree the problem is I need and want other things more and I cannot save up for them because I struggle with makeup buying :( When I  put in money in my bank acc for my college what do I do? I spend it on makeup and need to put in more money :(
A lot of people have said to me that I have a problem, and my answer always is the same but I don't smoke, drink or go out so I buy makeup, but that is the problem I don't go anywhere I'd rather buy makeup and sit at home staring at it than go and have fun. I will be trying to change that because as hard it is for me to admit it makeup isn't what will make me happy long term, memories, new friends,adventures, and new experiences  are. I will be pushing myself to do more stuff instead of buy more stuff.
It is hard to change your mentality even when I go to cinema witch  love doing or anywhere else, I always think at the back of my head uhh I could have bought makeup for that money.

Essence eye shadow in nr 11 Tiffunny. I got this because it was a silver glittery eye shadow but unfortunately the glitter layer came of and it is just a silver shadow.
Retail price was in around 2euro mark,and I got it in Pennys/Primark
Mac:Sketch. On the swatch you can't see but it has beautiful shimmer to it.
Retail Price: 10 euro for refill pan.  You can get Mac In Ireland In Bt2 or Brown Thomas stores and online.

 New look: Baked highlighter in Gold
Retail Price :8.99 euro
You can get it in Dublin, Jervis Shopping center New Look Store downstairs, or online
I tried this on my cheeks already and 1st impression- Amazing
 Mac lipstick in Spirit.   Finish:Satin
Retail price:20euro
You can get it in BT2 or Brown Thomas store, as well as order online,6,brand,mac,macmakeup,maclips,maclipstick,
Mac lipstick in Instigator. Finish:Matte
Retail price:20euro
You can get it in BT2 or Brown Thomas store, as well as order online,6,brand,mac,macmakeup,maclips,maclipstick,
You can build it up or sheer it out but I prefer the color to me more intense.
Essence: nr08 Whatever!
Price: around 3euro
You can get it in Pennys/Primark or Pharmacies
Essence: nr37 Serendipity
Price: around 3euro
You can get it in Pennys/Primark or Pharmacies
 This is a repurchase since I have oily skin  I use tea tree as it is antiseptic and help my skin heal faster. I use this in the morning because as it says it is cool&creamy wash, it wont take your makeup off , but it will make your face feel refreshed and wont dry it out.
Retail price: 8.95 euro
Ive been using this for ages and love it because it doesn't dry out my skin and was so happy to see that they do it now in 400ml bottle for 12.50euro.The retail price for 250ml bottle is a bit over9 euro so you get much better value for this one. 
You can get both products in  The body shop stores but you can see the ingredient lists online at

 As well as I have 10% discount for the body shop, so if you don't have discount card ask them for one and they will give it to you, the cost is 10euro in Ireland but if you buy something and ask them then it will be chepaer or depending how much are you spending they will give it for free + not only you get 10% of but you get a 10 euro worth of present(you can choose what) on your birthday month , and if you collect 4 stamps you get 10 euro back and for 8 stamps it is 15 euro to spend in store.So the card is amazing and worth it.
For my blond girls this is really good, to condition your hair after shower and keep hair white.
In Ireland,Dublin you can get it from Terrisales on 71 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin1,
The retail price is 14.99euro but at the moment they have offer 2 bottles for 20euro.They do them for different hair types as well.

I don't have picture or swatch of the Mac highlighter because the sales assistant gave me wrong one so I will have swatch and picture on my Instagram as soon as I exchange it and get the one I wanted

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mac lipsticks. Nudes.

I wasn't a fan of a nude lip, mostly because i've seen people walking around looking like zombies with so called concealer lips, so I wasn't into hurry to try a nude lip. These lipsticks are what I call trought nudes and may be difficult for some people to wear them not looking dead, but you just have to find a perfect color for yourself, or in some cases you've to layer the lipsticks to create your perfect color.
My first ever lipstick from Mac actually was Shy Girl, I remember when I went into the Mac store and asked them for a lipstick to try that would suit me Shy Girl was what they picked, and since then a long long time passed while I bought any other nude lipstick.( I was more into pinks)

1.Japanese Maple*-Chremesheen
2.Creme D'Nude-Chremseen
4.Shy Girls-Chremesheen
5.Fleur O'Coral-Luster
7.Honey Love-Matte
My favorite one is Creme D'Nude but Shy Girl and Blankety would make the top3.
Some people may think: Wait these are pinks not nudes. Well trough but even tho these are pinks these are nude pinks, and these kind of nudes suit me the best, as you can see that's why I have them the most.So if you have been disappointed to find a perfect nude well you might be looking into the wrong color variety of nudes.
From these it would be hard to choose a favorite but Creme Cup,Please Me, and Pink Plaid are the ones I have for the longest time and the ones I liked since the beginning so I guess they would have to make the top 3.
2.Creme Cup-Chremesheen
4.Overtime-Pro Longwear
5.Please Me-Matte
6.Pink Plaid-Matte
The last 4 lipsticks Faux,Brave, Mehr and Twig would be your Kylie/90s lipsticks that everyone is going crazy about,
The only lipsticks I would skip on buying if I had to buy them again would be Loverlorn and Overtime. Maybe Twig too.
More Kylie/90s lipsticks. I like them but I'm not going crazy about them. My favorites would have to be Brick-O-La and Presistance, I think Whirl would make the top 3.
1.Velvet Tedy-Matte
3.Brick-O-La- Amplified
Since this is the last post of Mac lipsticks I know a lot of people buy the lipstick looking at the finish and for eg. if it isn't matte they are not gonna buy it. When I look at the lipstick I never ever look what the finish is even tho Amplified is my favorite one, I buy a lipstick only because I like the color not the finish. So don't have just mind set that I will only buy Matte lipsticks try different finishes, if you like your lipstick to be matte so much,put a thin layer of paper towel over you lips and swipe over with  a powder sightly to make the color matte.

*Retail price for Mac lipstick is 20euro.
In Ireland you can get them in Brown Thomas stores or Bt2 stores.,4,brand,mac,macmakeup,

Friday, 18 September 2015

Mac lipsticks.Pink,Pink,Pink

  The names with stars*  besides them are Limited Edition lipsticks. I used to love pink lipstick that's why I have quiet a lot of them. I suppose pink is the easiest color to wear and the one you can find the most in stores.  The color range and shades for pink are truly endless and even tho I have pink lipsticks from different brands they are never the same color.
My favorite from these would be Snob and Speed Dial with Chatterbox would make the top3.
1.Bianca B*- Matte
2.Saint Germain-Amplified
4.Pink Pearl Pop-Cremesheen
5.Speed Dial-Chremesheen
First thing I can address is about Bianca B* it was limited edition lipstick with a gorgeous packaging and I honesty got it for the collection purposes not because as you can see it is extremely light colored and Id rather prefer my lipsticks darker than lighter. I know I can use it for layering but ain't nobody got time for that.
Pink Pearl Pop would be great for someone who doesn't want a lot of color or just for a natural day look, you can build it up as well, to a bit stronger color.

Anyone feeling to go a bit bolder and brighter with pink these are perfect, but unfortunately only lipstick that isn't limited edition is Candy Yum Yum, so that's why Ive got more to share in the next round up of pinks.
Viva glam Nicki*,Tats* and Good Kisser* makes the top 3 for me. :)
1.Viva Glam Nicki*-Satin
3.Happy Go Lucky*-Aplified
4.Candy Yum Yum-Matte
5.Viva Glam Miley Cirus*-Amplified
7.Good Kisser*-Matte
Love, Love,Love these darker pinks. My faves are Craving, Girls About Town, and Flat Out Fabulous. Only thing is Flat Out Fabulous can be drying especially if you already have dry lips and in colder weather as it is retro matte finish.
1.Speak Louder-Chremesheen
3.Girl About Town-Amplified
4.Show Orchid*-Amplified
5.Full Fuschia-Amplified
6.Pleasure Bomb*-Matte
7.Flat Out Fabulous- Retro Matte
As I have mentioned before my most favorite finish from Mac is Amplified as it is really pigmented, lasts on lips and doesn't dry them out since it has a bit of moisture in it. If you want a bold color without drying out your lips go for Amplified finish lipsticks.

*Retail price for Mac lipstick is 20euro.
In Ireland you can get them in Brown Thomas stores or Bt2 stores.,4,brand,mac,macmakeup,

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mac lipsticks, purples

  The names with stars*  besides them are Limited Edition lipsticks. 
When it comes to fall and winter I love a good bold vampy lip.
I have to be honest at the start when I started wearing lipsticks I hated purple and could not understand how someone can wear a purple lipstick on lips, but you just have to try it. Since I wasn't so daring first lipstick I ever got from purple family was Plumfull,I tried wearing it and I did not like it so left it behind for a really really long time.  A collection came out from Mac that had Snapdragon* and Heavenly Hybrid* and I decided to give a go for purple again and I fell in love with the color and  then Heroine, Up The Amp, Rebel and Eugenie* cam into my collection. It takes to try the right lipstick to like the color range and I had exactly the same experience with most of colors.
Mostly I think it was because I was afraid what people will think of me walking down the street with purples or orange or any color lips, but when you learn not to care what others think life becomes easier, believe me I walk around town with blue, grey, black lips and deeply do not care what anyone thinks because, I like it and feel comfortable wearing those colors.
1. Snapdragon* -Luster
3.Heavenly Hybrid*-Luster
4. Goddess Of The Sea*-Chremesheen
5.Up The Amp-Amplified
8. Eugenie*-Matte

My favorite from these would be at the moment Eugenie*, Up The Amp, and Heroine with Rebel make the top.
For those who just want to try out purple since 3 of the lightest colors are limited edition try Plumfull, since it is Luster it wont give you in your face color you can apply it lightly or build up the color, or maybe go into Mac store and ask them any other light purple color.

*Retail price for Mac lipstick is 20euro.
In Ireland you can get them in Brown Thomas stores or Bt2 stores.,4,brand,mac,macmakeup,

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

As Cheap as it gets, Miss Sporty

Story why I got this powder was because,last year around winter time my skin was acting up a lot. My skin is pretty bad as it is and I brake out ofter, but at the time It did not matter what primer, foundation or powder I used my pores looked huge, I was braking out like crazy, and nothing would sit on my skin right. I went into boots to see if I can get anything that would help(from skin care), and I went into makeup section to look around and saw this. It said anti-sport and antibacterial so I was intrigued, and because It was so cheap and cost only 3.99 euros I decided to try it and if I didn't like I wound be wasting a lot of money.
This was a life saver, The powder is absolutely amazing  it made my pores disapier and my makeup was sitting on my skin like it should again. It was the only powder I could use for about I'd say 2 weeks, while my skin cleared up and became better and I could use other makeup products.You can't see in the photo but, the powder has a dent into it and I have nearly hit the pan.Since the color is translucent it wont interfere with your foundation color witch is amazing.I would and will repurchase this powder if I will use up as it has become of my staple products and must haves.

Product description(From

Visibly minimizes the appearance of pores, spots breakouts and skin imperfections. Prevents new skin imperfections. Provides a healthy natural looking complexion.
  • Antibacterial - mattifies hides imperfections & redness
  • Lightweight and non drying formula
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Fragrance free
This is the small description they have on the website for this powder and I do agree with everything they are saying.

Similar powder to this would be the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder witch costs significantly more if you want to spend more on a powder it is 11.99 euro. This powder is a must as well and amazing product.

Miss Sporty you can get in Ireland in Boots stores or order it from Boots website

Bourjois you can get on as well as in stores. Boots has at the moment free gift when you buy 3 Bourjois products.
If you decide getting 3 products the other 2 I would recommend is trying either Healthy mix foundation or Healthy mix concealer and definitely the eye shadow in 08 stunning color and multi use product as I use this as a face highlighter so definitely look into it and you'll get 2 in 1 product.
You can get more vivid color form the eye shadow using slightly wet brush. (powder) (foundation) (concealer) (eye shadows)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Contour Brush

I got this Carlotte Tilbury Powder&Sculpt brush because the brush I was using for contouring became fluffy and round not tapered after about 3-5 times washing it, I couldn't get a precious contour with it anymore so I knew I need to invest money if I want the brush actually stay in the shape it is supposed to be,and this was the only brush I could find that was exactly how I wanted it to be.
I washed this few times already and it did not fluff out or became round it stayed in shape and still does when I clean it, so if you need a good brush for contour definitely worth looking at this one the hair on the brush isn't rough too and it doesn't scratch your face when you use it, because some brushes do that. I would 100% repurchase this if something happened to it or i lost it.

In Ireland you can fin it at Brown Thomas,95 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Or order it from The Brown Thomas website, Retail price 45euro.,4,brand,charlottetilbury,charlottetilburytools,

Friday, 11 September 2015

Mac lipsticks. Oranges&Reds

  The names with stars*  besides them are Limited Edition lipsticks. 

My favorite ones are Forbidden Sunrise* and So Chaud. Vegas Volt would make the Top3.

Nearly forgot this beauty.

1.Coral Bliss-Cremesheen
2.Sunny Seoul- Cremesheen
3.Reel Sexy*- Amplified
4.Vegas Volt-Amplified
6.Toying Around*- Amplified
7.Forbidden Sunrise*-Matte
8.So Chaud-Matte
 Coral Bliss was my first coral/orange color I got when I just started loving lipsticks. I was more pink lipstick kind of person and Coral Bliss was as far as I was willing to experiment with different colors, but as you can  see I have a lot brighter and vibrant colors now because taste in makeup can change really fast.
 Even tho I don't wear red ofter I do love sometimes a bright red lipstick and one of my favourites would be Rubby Woo and Russian Red. Opera* would make the Top3.

I do like all of them but M.A.C Red I have worn once since I got, it and even then I wore it because I made myself to do it, I think it is because M.A.C Red has pink undertones and I don't really like it how it looks on me witch says a lot, because I usually will wear any lipstick.

Ruby Woo is extremely drying, I can only wear it when my lips are at the best, because I can not stand when lipstick drys out my lips.

1. Spark Of Romance*-Matte
3.M.A.C. Red- Satin
4.Ruby Woo-Retro Matte
7.Russian Red- Matte
As you can see most of the red lipsticks are matte, reason being red is so delicate to wear and can bleed easily and make huge mess, but by being matte the stay on longer and you will not have your face covered in red lipstick.

Hands down these are my favorite lipsticks every single one of them, especially for fall and winter.I love dark red/burgundy lipsticks. At least 1 of these is a must have. None of them are overly drying but they will dry out your lips if you have naturally dry lips, so just keep in mind to use lip balm before you apply them.

 I know Antique Velvet isn't really a red but a brown, but it always stands in my dark red section.
Since Hearts Aflame is limited edition I would say get Diva absolutely stunning lipstick.

1. Salon Rouge*-Matte
2.Hearts Aflame*-Matte
3.Diva- Matte
5.Antique velvet-Matte

As you can see all of these are matte lipsticks, witch is good for a dark color, it will stay on longer and wont smear all around your face.

My personal favorite finish from Mac lipsticks is Amplified because they are really pigmented and creamy and the staying powder is good for them too.

*Retail price for Mac lipstick is 20euro.
In Ireland you can get them in Brown Thomas stores or Bt2 stores.,4,brand,mac,macmakeup,

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hoursglas vs Makeup Revolution

I ordered this pallet because of the amazing things Ive hear about it as a highlighter. I did not intend to use this as powder because I have oily skin and people were saying how amazing of a highlighter this is so I thought great I can get my self a luxury highlighter pallet to try, but I was wrong.
Well you can use this as a subtle highlighter but if you are into makeup as much as I am and you want your highlighter actually bee seen on your face then this is not for you, better save your money because this isnt worth it then. The actual quaity if the product is really good so no complaints there, I just wish people would have not overhyped this product for what it actually isn't. Yes for really dry skin this could be an amazing setting powder to brighten the skin.

Makeup Revolution is know for doing high end dupes so since I had ordered the Ambient lighting pallet I wanted to order this to try because it is supposed to be a dupe.They have an actual pallet as well but when I was making the order it was sold out, so I decided to get at least 1 full size highlighter to try it out and see is it comparable to the Hoursglass. Let me say you not even looking at the price tag but as in actual product I like this a lot better because this you can actually use as a highlighter , and I plan on getting the other 2 colors in future, I absolutely love this product.

The only one of these that I could maybe pull of using as a highlighter is Incadescent.

 The dupe for Hourglass that I have is for Dim and it is makeup Revolution Breathe.
As you can see Breath is more like  actual highlighter.

In Ireland you ca  order Hourglass online at 
Retail price £56.00 in Euros that is around 76.92 

Makeup Revolution you can get on 
The retail price £5.00 in Euros around 6.87 

From Superdrug website the Breathe is £6.00 in Euros 8.24   This is link to  the Makeup Revolution highlighter palette retail price
£8.00 in Euros 10.99

You can get the Highlighter palette from Makeup Revolution website as well for £8.00 in Euros 10.99