Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mac lipsticks. Nudes.

I wasn't a fan of a nude lip, mostly because i've seen people walking around looking like zombies with so called concealer lips, so I wasn't into hurry to try a nude lip. These lipsticks are what I call trought nudes and may be difficult for some people to wear them not looking dead, but you just have to find a perfect color for yourself, or in some cases you've to layer the lipsticks to create your perfect color.
My first ever lipstick from Mac actually was Shy Girl, I remember when I went into the Mac store and asked them for a lipstick to try that would suit me Shy Girl was what they picked, and since then a long long time passed while I bought any other nude lipstick.( I was more into pinks)

1.Japanese Maple*-Chremesheen
2.Creme D'Nude-Chremseen
4.Shy Girls-Chremesheen
5.Fleur O'Coral-Luster
7.Honey Love-Matte
My favorite one is Creme D'Nude but Shy Girl and Blankety would make the top3.
Some people may think: Wait these are pinks not nudes. Well trough but even tho these are pinks these are nude pinks, and these kind of nudes suit me the best, as you can see that's why I have them the most.So if you have been disappointed to find a perfect nude well you might be looking into the wrong color variety of nudes.
From these it would be hard to choose a favorite but Creme Cup,Please Me, and Pink Plaid are the ones I have for the longest time and the ones I liked since the beginning so I guess they would have to make the top 3.
2.Creme Cup-Chremesheen
4.Overtime-Pro Longwear
5.Please Me-Matte
6.Pink Plaid-Matte
The last 4 lipsticks Faux,Brave, Mehr and Twig would be your Kylie/90s lipsticks that everyone is going crazy about,
The only lipsticks I would skip on buying if I had to buy them again would be Loverlorn and Overtime. Maybe Twig too.
More Kylie/90s lipsticks. I like them but I'm not going crazy about them. My favorites would have to be Brick-O-La and Presistance, I think Whirl would make the top 3.
1.Velvet Tedy-Matte
3.Brick-O-La- Amplified
Since this is the last post of Mac lipsticks I know a lot of people buy the lipstick looking at the finish and for eg. if it isn't matte they are not gonna buy it. When I look at the lipstick I never ever look what the finish is even tho Amplified is my favorite one, I buy a lipstick only because I like the color not the finish. So don't have just mind set that I will only buy Matte lipsticks try different finishes, if you like your lipstick to be matte so much,put a thin layer of paper towel over you lips and swipe over with  a powder sightly to make the color matte.

*Retail price for Mac lipstick is 20euro.
In Ireland you can get them in Brown Thomas stores or Bt2 stores.,4,brand,mac,macmakeup,