Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Primark(Penny's) Strobe&Contour kit + extras review

Since Primark make-up is affordable I decided to try out the strobe & contour kit to see if it is worth even spending the €3.50 on them. First thing it came with sharpener witch is a great.
It comes with 3 colors they do say on them highlight,blush and bronzer they all are highlighters  just different color silver one is the one that's stated as highlighter,then one is pink tone (blush), one is gold(bronzer). They are quiet pigmented too so you don't need to use loads to get the color.
They apply on the skin really smooth and easy as well as blend great. If you use more you will get more intense look and even after you apply powder the highlight is strong and you can see it trough over all they are amazing and 100% worth trying.

So when I took out contour kit there was oil build up outside the packaging and one of the stick was broken, at the start I tough it may be a problem for me cuz I have oily skin and they will not stay on, but turns out it wasn't because they are with oils it actually just made the actual product to glide on the skin like a butter and blend really easy the actual consistency of the product is perfect as well as it stays on all day long.
Colour wise  me having medium skin tone the yellow highlight shade was perfect for highlighting, I don't think it would be as great for someone who has really pale skin complexion.
The contour shade on the other hand is too gray for me to use as I have really yellow undertones in my skin but it would be perfect shader for someone who has paler skin.. I can use it, but it would have to be tiny amount as the contour kit is really pigmented.
The bronzer is a really good shade not too orange not too grey in between so this should fit most light-medium skin tones just again you don't need to use a lot of it as they are pigmented.
This kit as well is 100% worth trying out for €3.50.
 This cost around €4 and it came with a small brush witch is pretty good.
The only colour that really had a lot of pigment in it was the  bronzer but even then It could be a bit warmer and not so muddy looking as well as blend softer. Highlighter shades aren't too pigmented they would do for a really natural look but that's about it, they do lack in pigment.
I wouldn't recommend trying them even tho it comes with brush, Sleek, Collection & Seventeen has a lot  better and affordable contour kits that are way easier to use. I did see the same version of this as highlighter kit but when I swatched it there was no point even trying it for me as I knew its lacking pigment and I wouldn't like it.
Coudn't resist picking this up for €2. It is a basic really good lipgloss, not sticky doesn't have a strong scent and looks amazing over purple tone lipstick and on its own, again this is worth trying.
This is fab for dry/dull skin it gives gorgeous glow underneath the makeup and has a bit of spectacles in it  I have oily skin but some days i love using this on the cheeks for more glow look , definitely worth to try. 

Another mention has to go to Primark lip-liners they are fab, sooth, creamy last for long time and really pigmented.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Fat lash, mink lashes

Style: No Regrets

I got these lashes in The Makeup Bar Link to their fb page:
Price: €30
Is worth the price: For me Yes
Reusable up to 25times.

So these are mink lashes and because of that they are really soft,light weight and feathery. For someone like me who has sensitive eyes these are actually really comfortable, I can't wear huge lashes usually cuz my eyes start to water after few minutes but with these they are fine so that is why they are worth the money for me.

The band is thick but it isn't plastic so it bends well into the shape of the eye and doesn't stick back up and since it is thick its the lashes don't rip as fast when you take them off and you can use them more if you take care. I have wore them 5+ times already will include some photos at the end. They will start slowly loosing the curl after wear and tear but they still look fab, I do want to get a smaller version of the ones I have cuz they are more curled.

The spesific lashes I have in No Regrets are perfect for dramatic eye looks because they show because a lot of times normal lashes wouldn't really be seen if the makeup is strong.
They have more styles in stock in The Makeup Bar, more natural ones and ones that flair our at the end and are shorter on the inside, I must say they look gorgeous on too.

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Empty reviews

The main reason I wanted to do empties reviews in because of the Silver shampoo and make-up products I have used up...
1. Scwarzkpof--€12.25.  I used this shampoo before I got my dreads, on the silver ends and this is the only shampoo that I found actually makes the hair silver with other purple shampoos if you leave them on for too long they stain the hair purple and take 3+washes to get the purple out and have them silver looking but with his shampoo it doesn't stain the hair it just makes it more silver the longer you hold it in the hair.
You can get it in salon supply stores.
2.. Tresemee Deep Cleaning shampoo--€2.7.This shampoo is really good to use once in a while to get the scalp and hair really clean from all  of the build up that may be cause by using different products it is important to use deep cleansing shampoos to clean the scalp so that the hair can grow easier and does not have to push trough dirt. If you have colored hair don't use it too often because it is deep cleaning so it can strip your hair color, not blonde tho it will leave blond hair as it is because it has been most likely bleached not colored. 
You can get this in Boots,Tesco, and any local retail stores may carry it.
3.Sure deodorant-€3.49 All I can say it is a good deodorant and if you wear a lot of black clothes like I do this is a must to have so that you would not have marks the same goes for white clothes if you want to avoid yellow deodorant marks this will be great for it.
You can get this in Boots,Tesco, and any local retail stores may carry it. 
 4. The /body Shop Tea Tree toner- around €10. This is great for oily skin to get rid of dirt and excess oil and it does not dry out the skin  like a lot of products that are meant for oily skin would, Ive been repurchasing this countless times just because it works really well and I see no need of trying new products when I have found something that is perfect for my skin and helps it.
This only retail in The Body Shop stores.
5.Garnier eye make-up remover- Was €4.49 is now in Boots €2.99. Im sure this have been seen on my page and Instagram many many times simply because it is really good eye and makeup remover in general as well as it usually is on sale so I tend to grab them then, but it does take the makeup of really easy due to having and oil in it.
6. MyChellle fruit enzyme cleanser I got this as a sample of when I was ordering makeup, Honestly this is an amazing cleanser it takes the makeup of, does not dry out the skin and gives a bit of hydration as well as leaves the skin feeling smooth if it was more accessible in shops I would definitely purchase it.
7.Mac studio sculpt foundation, -around €35. Nc30. Even tho this is meant for dry skin( not a chance) it is amazing on my oily skin repurchased countless of these, but I will be mostly likely making a switch from Mac to Ingot foundations in general even for my clients. But it is an amazing foundation, If you are planing to purchase it i would recommend trying a sample.
 8.Maybelline-€10.49 buy 1 get 1 half price in Boots at the moment on Maybelline products, I have hate and love relationship with this foundation sometimes it looks really good on my skin sometimes it looks way too dry. It is light coverage you can build it up a bit but If you use it on top of your normal foundation it will give a flawless look to the skin.
 9.Inglot brow gel in nr16. -around €1. The color it self is perfect for me, I do wish it was thicker and more pigmented like the Anastasia brow gels as well as last longer on the skin as some days it does slip and slide but it easy accessible to get in stores so handy to be using it.

 10. Nars Laguna bronzer-€38.00. So so sad that this is gone but I have new one in place. This has slight shimmer to it but is matte on the skin it looks gorgeous on and gives such a nice co lour, simply great product I would recommend trying it if you haven't yet.
You can get in In Brown Thomas.


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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Dreadlock maintenance

Photographer: Sneachta Pix
I wanted to make this post for people who want to get dreads but might be afraid cuz of the maintenance, well maintenance is really easy and I will answer my most asked questions I have gotten since I got  my hair done. These are hair extensions that are braided into hair and does not cause damage to your own hair and you can take them out when ever you wish. At this stage I have them for about month.
Photographer: Portrait By Lina Barak
The first 3 days when you get them done they will be tight to the head and you might find it harder to tie them back. It will feel weird to sleep on the side for the first 3 days too until you get used to the hair and it softens up but for me personally the dread extensions did not hurt to sleep on as I have had normal hair extensions before and they did hurt.
Photographer: IllustratedMan
For me the most comfortable and easiest way to wear them on day to day bases is when I tie them back either with hair tie or I just take 2 pieces of  dreads from each side and tie them back that way.
Yes you can wash the hair, with shampoo and water like you do your normal hair just don't use conditioner.The actual extensions dry fast I usually just blow dry the roots. I have few pieces of hair left out for softer look so what I do with those pieces I brush them with hair brush so I would not have knots. Some of them have elastic see trough bands so they hold better if the snap just add  new one on you can get 300pc in Penny's for 1,50euro.  Other than that this is literally as far as the maintenance goes. They save so much getting ready time in the morning as I don't have to worry about my hair anymore. 
Tip: if you don't want the hair to itch much when you go to sleep don't tie back the hair just leave them loose.
Photographer: @AleksTiu
I haven't experimented much about the styling of them but I like doing buns, and when the hair loosens up they it is so easy to maneuver around and place the way you want them. You will get little bit of friction because it is synthetic hair so you might get few spots itchy from time to time but it isnt anything to worry about as it is normal. You don't have to have long hair if you want them done as long as it is decent length to be able to braid them in.
Photographer: Portrait By Lina Barak
You can get the dreads in the color of your hair or if you want colorful ones witch I will be doing after these not sure what colors will I add but I will change them up, if you want to see how will they look after follow me in Instagram  MakeupMadness107 and follow the Dread shop page on Instagram too where I get them done as they do post photos of clients and their work TheDreadShopDublin
Also you can get accessories for the dreads like  beads, ribbons, charms etc. to decorate them and have them more interesting, as well as you dont have to get actual full head of the dreads you can add how many pieces you want as decoration to your own hair. The do sell clip in dreads too as well as pony tails.
If you ant to get dreads and have any en-queries click on this link and contact  The Dread Shop Dublin  Kep an eye out on their page as they do tours around Ireland and go to different cities so if you are not from Dublin you still can get the extensions as well as they post out the clip in and pony tail dread extensions.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Brow Talk

For those people who have been flowing me for long time know that I pretty much stick to the same brow products in my case the fave one is Anastasia Dip-brow pomade, because my natural eyebrow hair is black and thick so due to the products thick consistency and that it is really pigmented it is perfect for my own use.

When it comes to make-up artistry I would only recommend using this if you are really busy otherwise this can dry out as it is cream product and go to waste as well as it carries bacteria so it is one thing to keep in mind if using it to other people on daily basis as you need to depot it.
The Inglot brow gel is not near as pigmented or creamy as Anastasia one as well as it is tiny so I lost it for a long time and recently found it, as a product it is oky to use, I personally have to use loads of the actual product, this how ever can be perfect for someone who does not have that many eyebrow hair. 1 thing I've noticed this may not has as long as Anastasia's pomade if you touch your eyebrow or sweat more, you can set it with powder but then again what's the point using it if you have to set it.
I would not recommend the NYX pomade at all, it did not stay on my eyebrows it starts wearing away and looks like gaps hasn't been filled in after few hours, as  well as I do not like consistency of the product it is more like mouse.

As I said before if you use cream products on clients, just remember to take good care of them and clean them or depot as the bacteria is easily carried around, another thing to think about it is worth for you purchasing them and will they not go to waste at the end of the day it is your money and that is how you are making it so you don't want to buy unnecessary stuff just because it may look good in your kit and throwing them away after when they are dried out. I know you can add Inglot duraline but in some cases if you add to much it may ruin the product as well.
This Inglot pallet of eye shadows is what I use on clients.they are the colors I use the most and suit the people I work with, for everyone color range may be different and you can select what ever colors you need, that is one of the reasons why I choose to use eye shadows  other reason they do not carry bacteria as much as cream does. I always mix the colors together to get perfect shade , one thing I can say 100% keep an ashy color for eyebrows in your kit. For those who want the sharp lines and sharp brows it is really easy and simple to get it with eye shadows too, just spray your brush with fixing spray or water.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The best eyeliner ever

Yesterday I realized while buying once again another one of these beauty's that I keep saying to everyone about how amazing this  aqua black waterproof cream eye shadow is, so I might as well make an appreciation blog post about it.
Ive been using the Make Up For Ever aqua black for ages now and gone trough so many.
It is the perfect eyeliner, because the texture is smooth and creamy it glides on the skin isn't tacky or hard to maneuver with, when I started using this eyeliner it became so much easier and faster to do a winged liner.  It does not dry out (at least for me) I always end up using all if it up, never I had to put even a drop of Inglot Duraline in it. I have sensitive eyes and I used this in my water line I did not have any reaction on irritation and it stayed on all night, the lasting power of this is amazing it does not smudge,crease or anything it stays in place until you take it of, and even tho it stays on so well it is easy to get of with eye makeup remover.

If you want full on black smokey eye then this is perfect too, I apply it on the lid then go over with black eye-shadow and blend (soften) the edges,because it is a cream shadow it is easy to blend it and doesn't get stuck in one place like a lot of eyeliners would.

Also if I want a matte black lip I use this for it too, because it does not crack on the lips and stays on for ages, doesn't dry them out either. Make Up For Ever does have a black lipstick too that I use but it is not matte.

I use this for sfx too it is easy to draw with due to it being so creamy.

Basically I use this for everything and all that involves black color, and I am obsessed with it, I refuse to use or try any other eyeliners, cuz I don't believe there is anything better and easier to use than this one. If you ever see me wearing eyeliner I can assure that it is 100% this one (will include some photos). It truly was a game changer for me and a holly grail product,I would highly recommend trying it.

Price: €23 You can get Make Up For Ever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin (in Ireland)

Honorable mention, make up for ever metallic powders they are amazing too. I only have 1 but it is awesome. I will be trying more and more make up for ever products because they are really good quality. Their eye-shadows are really pigmented and easy to use as well as you get loads of product cuz the pan is huge.

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On lips and eyes 

As eyeliner

Geisha look
As eyeliner
As eyeliner
As eyeliner
Metallic powder

This is Metallic powder mixed with glycerine and for neck mixed with Inglot duraline

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Christian Kotey 2day sfx workshop

I had a 2 day workshop with Sfx Make-up artist Christian Kotey. It took place in 38Dame street in The Makeup Crew training academy.
On the first day he showed a demo if decayed zombie like look, using various materials like, cling film, latex, tissue, cotton wool,silicone etc. There were just simple things that I did not know, like to cover the eye and make  it look like it is gone.  I had the chance to practice how to use  silicone which I haven't done before.  I learned how to use wax a lot better and things like not to use wax on parts of face that will be moving as it can fall of and just use it on hard surfaces like forehead. There really is a lot of things to learn.  I will add more pictures at the end of the blog.
On day 2 he showed a clown demo and how to make your own prosthetic that will last on the face for the whole day. On the 2nd day we also used gelatin and airbrushing which was fun to do. I realized how much work actually goes into sfx and movies it can take ages to build up layers upon layers but it is so worth it at the end.
Christian was really easy to get along with, willing to help with anything and answering any questions, atmosphere int he workshop was really relaxed and fun to work as there was no tension and it is one of the things that help a person to develop more skill if there is someone that is so dedicated to what he does and willing to help others.

I would highly recommend to go to his workshops, even if you are not into sfx they are still amazing to do and fun, and you will gain new skills.
Keep an eye out on The Makeup Crew Facebook page for future workshops
Have a look at Christin website he is an amazing sfx make-up artist who has been in the industry for over 20 years, worked on Game of Thrones, Walking dead, Star-wars, etc. He does concept design,comic books,story boarding, graphic design, his body painting & airbrushing and sfx skills are unreal.

My looks created


 On the day 2 I did a slightly different version of a Joker
Small step by step
 This is just a comparison picture of a joker I did about 4 moths ago to the one I did on the workshop, so as you can see the workshop is while worth it to go and you will 100% gain new skills.

1st Day step by step demo
Day 2 step by step demo

Other looks created in the 2day workshop

Myself & My work
Myself in action

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