Monday, 28 December 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Vs Inglot Contor kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills-  The pallet I have is in Light Medium (I have medium skin tone)
I ordered it of  Beauty Bay and it retails for  €47.60. Individual pan carries 3g. and you can get the Refills on Cult Beauty for £14.00. 
 When I got the Kit I was so disappointed on how small it was for the price but  since this is over hyped I still had hopes in terms of pigmentation and actual quality of product, but it failed again, the pigmentation on these are well Crap the lighter shades are fine  but the contour shades you have to use loads to even be able get proper color on your face and the actual quality int life changing either it is just and oky'ish quality.
So I wasn't using it for myself and i started carrying it around in my kit so far the only kinda of use i have found is it to use in really fair skin people but even then you do have to do your brush in to the product multiple times.
Reason why is this so popular is only because of the brand name and a lot of people who are being payed or sent this for free,because this is definitely not worth the money.
That being said this may be oky for someone who just stared makeup and doesn't understand or own even 1 bronzer from that point yes you may think that this is great.
This is an Inglot Freedom system Hd contour powder pallet I made for myself as the ABH was a fail I needed something compact to carry around for people with medium+ skin.
Empty pallet  €12.00.
Refill pan  €10.00 for 6g of product (twice as much as ABH and cheaper)
For this I payed 52 and I had the option to choose exactly  the shades I needed and it was only 4.40more than ABH.
There are 12 shades to choose from including the banana shade//lighter and darker shades to suit everyones skin color.
The Difference is The Inlgot HD powders are way more pigmented, better quality and you don't have to waste product by keeping to dig in the brush and getting color out of the product, and it looks better on the skin.  
I am so so happy I tried these.
If there would have been more people who actually reviewed the ABH contour kit honestly I wouldn't have wasted my money on a bad product.
These are swatches from ABH only from swiping my finger in the product once and dragging on my skin as you can see the lighter shades are better but the darker ones are just ridiculous and if you use a brush there will be even less pigment attached to the brush and transferred to the skin.
These are swatches done same way from the Inglot Hd contour powders and you can see it for yourself  the difference of the quality as these are really pigmented. 

I know its tempting to try products that are over hyped but don't waste your money on the ABH contour kits as they end up more expensive and the quality is bad.  


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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Is It Worth The Money?-Beauty Blender

I got this in Make Up For Ever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin.This set was around €47 but they have more sets that are cheaper and include just 2 or the 1 beauty blender,(BB) but since I needed to try them all I got this one. The Beauty Blender on its own is around €20, I  can not get the exact prices because I cant find them on the Makeup forever website.
I have been using the Real Techniques(RT) sponge for over 2 years simply because I can sometimes be skeptic about things like sponges and since the RT one worked so well and is  €7.99 I never bothered trying BB. 

This is the original one that most of people probably have, in the first picture it is dry and the second one wet, I know it is hard to see thought pictures the size difference but you can see that in the second one it has become more porous. This is the one I tried first and my first reactions was WOW, it made the foundation application a lot faster than the RT sponged it blended out the foundation so quick and I didn't need to go over and over with it again or use more product.
So only trying this I was so so pleased as I used a significantly less product than I would with the RT sponge since the BB absorbed a lot less foundation.
 First picture Dry, second Wet. A lot of people were saying that this is useless and does nothing valuable and I can agree i tried using it and loving it but its just takes up more time that it is needed I would totally skip this one because the pointy tip of the normal beauty blender does such a good job for under eye concealer and this tiny one just makes the life harder.

 This one is said to have a better coverage, well I don't know about that  but for some reason I have been reaching for this one more than the pink one, I feel like this gives that slightly more flawless finish.
This does nothing I would skip the cleanser too and stick with what you are using for your brushes it just did not take out anything from the BB.

My final thoughts are Yes The Black and the Pink BB are 100% worth the money as the actual shape is way better that RT, as well as applications is faster and the most important thing is it does not use up so much foundation as the RT sponge would in the end even tho the actual price of BB is higher you will end up saving money as it doesn't absorb all of your foundation.
If you are getting the set for yourself or someone as present get the one that has 2 big BB skip this one as the green tiny BB is useless.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

How 2 bronzers became 1.

My birthday was in August so I got a lot of makeup to try out including these 2. Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium 2 and Inglot n 64. As most of you know the lighting in shops can be very deceiving and you may walk out with product that actually looks completely different and this was the case for these 2 so I tried using then few times and hated the colors and left them behind for the longest time until last month I decided to try The Bobbi brown bronzer but I didn't like it again and need something warmer on top and used the inglot one and now I love using both of them together as a Contor/bronzer duo.
The reason why did not like these colors that it was slightly pinky and I prefer more bronzers that contour shades since I  have a lot of yellow in my skin the cantour shades tend to look really muddy and not flattering at all on me.
This one on the other hand is straight up orange, when I went to inglot to ask for  bronzer the sales assistant immediately showed me this one I looked at it and it seemed fine so I got it, but when I got home  and tried it on there was non way even I could pull this of, since inglot products are really pigmented even using little bit looked like just orange stripes.
As you can see they are 2 completely different colors but they go together so well and look flawless on skin I apply the Bobbi brown one first more like contour then go over with bigger brush and the Inglot 64 powder and it just  is the perfect combination.
If you are really fair dont try these as they will be way too dark and orange for you , I have medium skin tone so they suit me.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Even tho you don't like something try mixing products you may end up  with a life changing combination of something you can't part with instead of 2 makeup products that you hate and wasted money on.

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 P.S.  For those who did not know I usually take my pictures when the makeup in brand new so that when I do posts it wouldn't look all dirty and used up, sometimes I may not but most of the time I try to do when the makeup hasn't been touched, just to let you know cuz I have had people ask me how do I even know if the product is good if I haven't used it cuz it looks new.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Makeup Haul

This will be the last haul hopefully this month only thing I will be purchasing more of are Makeup Designory (MUD) products. All the pictures were taken at night time so bare with me for the quality of them as I have been really busy during the day I it is hard to find time to take photos.
Makeup Forever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin has these great sets now for Christmas 47euro. they have smaller ones too with 1 or 2 beauty blenders that are cheaper definitely check them out.
Made a trip yesterday to The Makeup  Bar on 13 Anglesea Street,Templebar,Dublin to pick up more MUD products for the post Im planing on doing as I mentioned in my previous blog
 More Inglot eye shadows cuz you all know Ive been having obsession with them.
The new Mac lipstick from Dark Desire Collection Black Knight, I have to be honest I was disappointed in this collection as the lipstick aren't as pigmented as I would like them to be, but on the other side they are great for people who want to start wearing more daring colors as it wont be in your face.
As you can see this is a  transparent, as well as it has some brown tint to it, which I don't mind, but the staying power isn't great as well as you have to apply loads to get black color, Use black eyeliner underneath it will help the staying powder and the color to be more opaque, but i has gorgeous shimmer in it.
Love Makeup Forever glitter this one is so so pretty the picture doesn't do it justice, still want to pick up gold and white one unfortunately they were out of stock but if you go into the store check the silver one out.

Nr502, great for people who has paler skin.

Swatch of Inglot 502 contour powder

Primark (Pennys) €9.50, it smells great I will be using this tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates @pinkice107

Since I have an obsession with Makeup Revolution a had to get this highlighter pallet I have the full size of the purple one already but since I wanted to get the rest this one was better deal. €11.12
The Makeup Revolution Highlighter Pallet
I have one of these in Breathe too, and since t is the dupe for Hourglass ambient lighting powders  I had to get the whole thing and if you have read my blog since beginning then you know that  prefer The makeup revolution version better for more info this is the link to the post  have done
Swatches of the Highlighter palette in Radiance 

Mac Studio Fix n Nc25, just a stick up for my kit.

 All of the 4 items above was a Makeup Revolution Christmas set that was on sale on their website as well as they have great deals on now every wek for Christmas.
I am not the biggest blush loves but I adore this Makeup Revolution Blush in One For Playing Games. Price €3.47. The picture doesn't do it Justice.
Got thos of Hairspray for €9.99 just to store glitter and all kinds of sfx stuff, they have different colors as well.
Lovely lash order from Alixpress came in too.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Makeup Bar Experience

Last Friday I had a chance to work in The Makeup Bar by The Makeup Crew in Dublin alongside Keira and Annie, and it  was amazing experience for me so I wanted to share it as well as what should customers expect walking in there to get their makeup or hair done.
There will be extra pictures and info included at the end.
If you are looking for an amazing place to get your makeup and hair done book in with The Makeup Bar while they aren't booked out.

Makeup done by me (Elina) 

 What to expect as a client: 
1.Professional service & Flawless makeup application and gorgeous hair.
2. Fun time.
3. You will be asked are you happy with your makeup or/and hair so feel free to say if you would like to change anything or add some more at any time.
4. You are welcome to bring pictures of what would you like hair and  makeup wise.
5. Chat away about anything you like the girls are always open for a chat.

If you are one of those people like me who can not sit still in a chair for a long time definitely book in with Keira at The Makeup Bar she is like a Super Makeup Artist and does her job flawlessly but quickly as well as she will make your hair go from 0 to 10 I haven't seen anyone do such an amazing and beautiful  up-styles.  She is the best go to makeup artist for weddings. 
Look her up on her Instagram page: @Keirathemakeupcrew

Just look at this princess hairstyle Keira did on my client, I coudn't stop looking at her hair.

If you are new or simply not experienced enough in makeup and beauty including skin care, or simply do your makeup only on occasions 100% go for Annie she is amazing at giving advice in skin care and makeup ask her and she will talk you trough everything she is doing and will give you great advice on aftercare. You will definitely leave her chair with some knowledge and will want to come back for more advice and the beautiful makeup she does.
 The Makeup Bar will be open on St. Stevens day & New Years eve. 
As well as if you thought that getting a free coffee is great for collected stamps look at this Loyalty Card for Makeup, can you even imagine for every 5 makeup applications you get a 6th one free it is like a gift to yourself.
Check out their Facebook page for more info and deals: 
My experience:

For me the most important and valuable thing that I learned and understood is not a makeup skill but the knowledge that everything takes time even talking to people, when I did my first client I was more nervous since I wanted to do the makeup really good as I had 2 really highly qualified and professional makeup artists working alongside with me that have been doing this for years and years, which sometimes can make things worse when you end up stressing out, and then when the time went I was more relaxed and could do better job because I felt better. So I know if I would have to do it more often I would get slightly better every time, as  I do with The Makeup crew(College) work experiences every time I go to an event I feel more confident and it is that bit easier to do the job next time.
Makeup done by me ( Elina)
Makeup done by Keira
Makeup done by Keira
Hair done by Keira

There are wide range of MUD makeup available to purchase in The Makeup Bar including this lipstick which is phenomenal more info on my previous blog post

Any natural makeup lover needs this nude lip glaze, the most buttery,pigmented and smooth lip glaze I have ever used and most important part it isn't sticky at all available at The Makeup Bar.

Great value gift sets for Christmas,grab them while you can.

These are the softest brushes ever, I have the bigger version of this and it has become my staple powder brush since I got it, so I want to get one of these small ones too. Great quality & affordable price.
They have a lot more great products in there on wich I plan on purchasing hopefully this week and try them all out until start of January since I use MUD eye shadows on daily bases (the best eye shaodws out there) I will be purchasing more products to try out as I plan on doing 2 blog posts on January to start of the year with new makeup and since Make-up Designory (MUD) is really really good quality high end brand I plan on talking about them a lot more due to the fact that it is really under rated Makeup brand here in Ireland.
As well as if I will accumulate enough products I will do makeup look using full face of MUD products.
YES. They do makeup courses, I have completed the training with the makeup crew in module 1 and 2 currently doing the module 3. Only reason I decided to do the module 3 because the tutors Lisa, Keira and Annie are really nice and helpful when I went there all I could do basically is my base (primer, foundation,powder,blush,bronzer, highlight) and mascara my eyebrows and everything else is completely different story, I learned so much by being there and they were the kick start I needed to get going and continue doing what I love, but on that maybe some other time I will do separate blog post as this one is getting really long.
Their instagram @themakeupcrew
Facebook page





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