Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hoursglas vs Makeup Revolution

I ordered this pallet because of the amazing things Ive hear about it as a highlighter. I did not intend to use this as powder because I have oily skin and people were saying how amazing of a highlighter this is so I thought great I can get my self a luxury highlighter pallet to try, but I was wrong.
Well you can use this as a subtle highlighter but if you are into makeup as much as I am and you want your highlighter actually bee seen on your face then this is not for you, better save your money because this isnt worth it then. The actual quaity if the product is really good so no complaints there, I just wish people would have not overhyped this product for what it actually isn't. Yes for really dry skin this could be an amazing setting powder to brighten the skin.

Makeup Revolution is know for doing high end dupes so since I had ordered the Ambient lighting pallet I wanted to order this to try because it is supposed to be a dupe.They have an actual pallet as well but when I was making the order it was sold out, so I decided to get at least 1 full size highlighter to try it out and see is it comparable to the Hoursglass. Let me say you not even looking at the price tag but as in actual product I like this a lot better because this you can actually use as a highlighter , and I plan on getting the other 2 colors in future, I absolutely love this product.

The only one of these that I could maybe pull of using as a highlighter is Incadescent.

 The dupe for Hourglass that I have is for Dim and it is makeup Revolution Breathe.
As you can see Breath is more like  actual highlighter.

In Ireland you ca  order Hourglass online at 
Retail price £56.00 in Euros that is around 76.92 

Makeup Revolution you can get on 
The retail price £5.00 in Euros around 6.87 

From Superdrug website the Breathe is £6.00 in Euros 8.24   This is link to  the Makeup Revolution highlighter palette retail price
£8.00 in Euros 10.99

You can get the Highlighter palette from Makeup Revolution website as well for £8.00 in Euros 10.99

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