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Drugtore must have makeup kit.

Since makeup is such a popular thing and a lot of people use it but not everyone can afford to spend 20$ on a blush or 40$ on foundation especially girls/boys who are in school and still living with their parents, or you just are on the budget and may want to start doing your own makeup. Maybe you are getting into makeup artistry and that can be expensive to build up your kit and practice with expensive makeup on others or you simply want to try out new makeup. These are my drugstore must haves for a makeup kit. Keep in mind I selected the most affordable best makeup and products that are the most practical as well as I know I could have included a lot more makeup but I wanted to keep it short simple and useful. Extras  and some tips will be included at the end.


Maybelline Baby Skin instant fatigue blur primer- this is great for normal and oily skin as well as you can choose the between cool tone color primer (Rose) for people with pink undertones in their skin, and for people with warm/yellow undertones in (Apricot).
Retail price- €11.49 you can get it in Boots or anywhere where Maybelline is being sold
 Nivea Express Hydration primer-Amazing for dry,dehydrated and sensitive skin. You can get this for Normal&Combination skin as well as Dry&Sensitive skin.
Retail price for this on the Boots website is €3.00 but in store when my friend was buying it she said she payed around €6. You can get it in most grocery stores that sell face creams or pharmacies they will be placed with all the face creams not the makeup products.


Catrice All Around concealer pallet is amazing for concealing and color correcting if you have this you are pretty much set for blemish concealing, under eyes, color correcting redness as well as if you are really pale you can use the darkest color for contouring and you don't need any other concealers. The orange color you can use as a cream blush as well as color correcting on darker skin colors. 
 You can get Catrice in most pharmacies and primark stores. Retail price €3.49

Collection 2000 Illuminating touch brightening concealer-  It has really good coverage so it is great for under eyes especially if you(or your client) has dark circles. As well as you can use it as a cream highlighter to highlight the face.
Retail price- €6.59. You can get this in Boots stores.

 Cream Highlight

Seventeen Skin WOW 3 way highlighter. This truly is amazing multi purpose product and will last you for ages, Obviously you can use it it as highlight. If someone has really dry and dull skin use this as a primer before foundation. Mix it in with moisturizer the give the skin glow. Use it on your body when you are going out for glowy skin. If I remember correct they have a darker shade too for people with darker skin complexion.
 Retail price- €8.49. You can get it in boot stores
Sleek Highlighting pallet. Love this because it is so versatile too especially for makeup artists it has light to dark highlight shades to suit a more people from pale to dark skin complexion. The first 3 are cream highlighters the last one is powder. You can use these as a cream shadow base for glitter on the eyes too.
Retail price €13.49. They have another palette too that has more pink and rose gold and gold shades.


 Maybelline  Dream Flawless nude. Light to medium coverage more suitable or people with dry or normal skin but has gorgeous velvet finish.Retail price €10.49 
 Maybelline Fit me Medium coverage can be built up to high coverage, suitable for people with dry/normal/oily skin. Retail price-€11.99
L'Oreal Infallible 24Matte- Medium to full coverage. Suitable for people with normal or oily skin.Retail price €12.2.


Rimmel stay matte- This probably is he most know and popular drugstore powder. Amazing for oily skin as well as taking pictures as this will keep you from looking oily. You can get it in different colors but íd rather go for the translucent powder so that you wouldn't change the color of your foundation. This is a must have for everyone. Retail price. €5.99

 Miss sporty So clear, Anti spot powder- Another cheap but great transparent setting powder. This so far is the best cheapest powder I have tried. Retail price- €3.99

 Contour/ Bronze

Sleek Face Form. This has been a favorite for years Sleek has great powder products this contour kit comes in 4shades Fair, Light, Medium and Dark. It is really pigmented and blends easy as well you get highlight shades too and since it I really pigmented little goes long way. Plus you can use it a eye shadows too:)
I have the medium shade. Retail price €13.49
Seventeen Define&Conquer contour kit. This is gorgeous the contour shade isn't too orange or grey just there in  between has great pigmentation, The highlight shade isn't shimmery so it can be even used as setting powder it just highlighting powder or under the eyes  especially for someone with dry skin or as a base color for your eye shadow. Blends really easy and lasts all day long.It comes in 2 colors fair and medium.
Retail price  €8.49.


Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar- This is truly amazing especially if you are doing other peoples makeup or for yourself you get a huge variety of highlighters in one pallet and they will last you for ages and suit any skin color from fair to dark, and you get a bronzer (wasn't a big fan of it) but some people may love it. This is a must have for me when I need to do peoples makeup because it is compact and easy to take with you without having to carry a lot of different full size highlighters. If you are on the budget or starting out with makeup I highly recommend this instead of  buying one highliter and being bored of it after a while you have a lot to choose from here.
The swatches aren't the best to be honest but I thought ill include them anyways.
Retail price around €8.
You can get Makeup Revolution in Superdrug stores or order them from Superdrug website as well as website.


Makeup Revolution Sugar and Spice- This is the same concept as the highlighter palette, quality is really good too and I take it with me everywhere as well due to the variety of color you don't only get pink blushes but nude, coral and from light to dark so it makes it perfect for a lot of skin colors, and if you are really on budget you can only get this pallet because it has 2 highlighters in it, so you don't need to get both and will have two jobs done with one palette.
These aren't the best swatches either.
Retail price around €8.
You can get Makeup Revolution in Superdrug stores or order them from Superdrug website as well as website.


Sleek Brow kit. As yo can see this is well loved and actually my second Sleek brow kit as I mentioned before sleek powder product are really good and this isn't exemption so if you are looking for new brow products try Sleek. They have a good variety of colors as well form light to black. Then again this a powder and you can use any powder eye shadow for filling in eyebrows as long as the color is alright.
Retail price: €10.99

Wet n Wild mega clear brow&lash mascara-Honestly I don't use brow gels nor I am picky about them only time I use it when I have to do male makeup to go trough lashes and eyebrows to take out the powder so that the camera wouldn't pick up the powder. But if you need a brow gel why not pick up this one.  Retail price is around €3


L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner- To be honest I have this for ages and it works fine but I would invest in high end eyeliner like The Make Up Forever cream shadow in black or if you want the Inglot black eyeliner because it truly is easier to apply eyeliner if you have a really good one. I coudn't find the price for this eyeliner but you can get it in boots stores. 

Eye shadow

Makeup Revolution Redemtion palette iconic3- When it comes to eye shadows I prefer palettes and yes all of the palettes that I have chosen from drugstore are from Makeup Revolution simply because their makeup is really good quality for such a cheap price for eg. this palette was a bit over €8 I have another 3 palettes like this one.The Iconic 1 to 3 Palettes are Dupes to Urban Decay Naked palettes so if you cant afford those just get these cuz the colors are the same and since they aren't chalky the color pay off is really good.
I will simply post bellow few other palettes they have but you can find a huge amount of interesting palettes on their website.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Shadows. Flawless and Beyond Flawless. These are a bit more expensive over  €10 but you get a lot more eye shadows. Perfect for nude eye shadow lovers.
 Want some color in you life get this Eyes Like Angels palette. Gorgeous colors, pigmented blend well and again affordable for a big variety of colors to choose from.
Makeup Revolution Salvation palette Iconic Pro1- this brand is know for doing dupes of high end makeup and they are good at it this palette is supposed to be dupe for the Lorac Pro palette but since I cant  get the Lorac palette in Ireland I cant be sure if it is dupe but none the less quality is really good and the eye shadows are amazing. Price is over €10
Naked Chocolate- anther gorgeous palette price range is the same over €10
If you decide to order anything order them from the Superdrug website because they have now but 3 for 2 on cosmetics so if you want to try stuff out this is the perfect time to save money too. 


When it comes to mascara I am not overly picky My personal favorite brands are Maybelline and Rimmel for mascara but when it comes to doing other peoples makeup you have to use disposable wands so any mascara will do the ob as long as it doesn't have fall out an start falling on clients cheeks.
I am pretty sure anyone from Ireland, England or countries that has Pennys/Primark  knows about these individual lashes so far the best lashes ever, and they are only €1.50

Lip liner

These 2 are from Primark/Pennys you don't need to spend mad money on lip liners that's my opinion but I do have the odd Mac lip liners just for the sake of the colors, but for every day and just basic colors you would need,any cheaper lip liner will do the job.
These cost around €1.50
 Love, love, love Essence lip liners.  My all time favorite nude lip liner is from Essence nr 11 In The Nude. These are really pigmented and good quality only for around €1.39
Swatches could have been better but I still have to learn how to use camera properly.
1. Nr11.In the nude
2. Nr06. Satin Mauve(gorgeous mauve color)
3. Nr15. Honey Berry
4. Nr08. Red Blush.


Essence wins this one I have nearly all of their color not only nude lipsticks they simply are good quality cheap lipsticks.
A lot of people love Wet n Wild lipsticks but I don't like them because they dried out my lips so I wouldn't recommend or use them on other people. 


For nude and white eyeliner go with Rimmel.
Price €4.69



For Black kohl, Maybelline master drama eyeliner. Price €6.79


Boots has now 3 for 2 on cosmetics so f you want to get some goodies do it now :)

  • If you need eye shadow primer just use your concealer or foundation on your eyelids as base set it with good bit of powder and continue with you base color an the rest of the eye look you are going for.
  • Want a cream contour use 2 to 3 shades darker color of concealer or foundation same goes for highlight shades use 2 to 3 shades lighter color..
  • Want to have a shimmery cream highlighter scoop out your powder highlight and mix it in with moisturizer.
These are some extra product that I love and have been using or a long time for anyone who wants to try out more or have tried the products that I have mentioned above.
Soap&Glory one heck of a blot powder
Bourjois healthy balance powder

Makeup Revolution baked blushes
Sleek Blushes
Natural Collection blushes
Nyx Color wheel in Pink Cheek glow

Primark Glow stick

Wet n Wild Ticket to Brazil bronzer

Makeup Revolution single highlighters
MUA highlighters
Essence limited edition highlighters

MUA and Wet n Wild concealer palettes

Maybelline Fit Me and Anti Age under eye concealers
Loreal Lumi magique concealer
Borjois Healthy mix concealer

Wet n Wild and Nyx Eyebrw kit.

Nyx jumbo eye pencils

Lipstick brand I really like from drugstore are Nyx, Rimmel and Maybelline
Lip gloss Maybelline, Revlon, Essence or any lip gloss that isnt sticky.


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