Friday, 2 October 2015

September Empties.

 1. Cinema Secrets- The best brush cleanser  I have ever used takes out makeup from brushes so easy, only downside you have to order it online and pay for the shipping but even tho with the shipping price, this ends up chepaer than any other clenaser for the same price and a lot better quality.You dont have to order the huge bottle but I always do.
Price for 32Oz  - €32.25
Would I Repurchase it? -YES

2. Tresamme Renewal Hair &Scalp Tonic-  I got it just to try it out didn't see any  difference in anything, Tresamme usually does really good hair poducts this one just did not make any difference to me.
Where to get: Boots and Tesco
Would I Repurchase it?-NO

3. Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion:  Takes of the makeup oky, doesn't dry out the skin, would be good for people with sensitive skin. Wasn't anything special or life changing, would  buy it maybe again if it was really cheap on sale other than that won't repurchase it.
Price: 4.99
Where to get it: Boots, Tesco, Dunnes stores,Pharmacies.

4. L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, Colored hair- I have been using this for over 4yrs, it makes hair really soft,smooths it down, and adds shine. I have tried the other 2hair oils they have but they aren't as good and nourishing as this one for colored hair.
Price:€12.99 on sale now in Boots for €8.66
Where to get: Boots, Dunnes stores, Tesco,Pharmacies
Would I repurchase it?-YES

5. Dove compressed original anti-presperant- Worked fine but it will leave white marks on your clothes when you get dressed.
Price:€3.99 on sale in boots now for €2.66
Where to get it:Boots, Dunnes stores, Tesco,Pharmacies
Would I repurchase it?- NO

6. Adidas perfume- Smells lovely, doesn't  last too long
Price: around €5-7
Where to get it: I got it in Latvia, not sure where to get it in Ireland pound shops might have them
Would I repurchase it?- YES

7. Lush Daddy-O purple shampoo- Kept my hair toned and loved the scent.
Price:  Depends of the size of the bottle how big you get it.
Where to get it: Lush stores, there is one on 116 Grafton Street, Dublin.
Online -
Would I repurchase it?- YES

8. Maybelline baby skin pore eraser primer- I have oily skin and I did not like it, felt oily on the skin and really silicony. The baby skin fatigue is much better primers.
Price: €11.49
Where to get it:Boots
 Would I repurchase it?- NO

9. Boots Tea Tree & Witch hazel exfoliating pads- Love them for a quick exfoliation after washing face, doesn't irritate the skin and feels refreshing as well as removes the excess dirt.
Price: €6.59 or you can get them in Boots now 2 for €7.50
Where to get it:Boots
Would I repurchase it?- YES

10. Essence quick & easy sponge nail polish remover- Makes nail polish removing so much easier and faster.
 Price: around €3
 Where to get it: Pennys/Primark
 Would I repurchase it?- YES

11. Revlon ColorStay concealer- It is a good concealer and will brighten up under eye area but for the price you can get even better concealers like collection 2000, or Maybelline.
Price: €9.99 
Where to get it:Boots
 Would I repurchase it?- NO

12. Vichy Aqualia Thermal- Worth every cent, I use this at night and it makes my skin baby soft in the morning without making it oily, it is really light weight texture. At the moment I  am tying out something else but I already have repurchased it.
Price: €21.99 on sale in Boots now for  €16.49
Where to get it:Boots, a lot of pharmacies sell Vichy.
 Would I repurchase it?- YES

13. Vichy Idealia-  Really oily skin may want to stay away from this as it gives you glow but the cream is wonderful , especially under makeup, they do this one for normal/combination skin and dry skin.  I have repurchased this cream as well.
 Price: €26.99
Where to get it:Boots, a lot of pharmacies sell Vichy.
 Would I repurchase it?- YES

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