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My Freelance Makeup kit.

I have been asked before in Instagram what do I carry in my kit and recently a lovely lady asked me on my Facebook about products I use, so I decided to make this post for anyone who is starting out in freelance or simply wants to try new makeup or upgrade their kit.
Keep in mid these are products that work for me and I carry around the most , depending on where I go and what In do the products can change as well as most of my stuff is practical and compact to carry around so that I wouldn't brake my back.
At the moment I carry mostly only Mac prep and prime primer in Radiant yellow, this suits every skin type, ideally it would be good to have a primer for every skin type, Dry,normal,oily.
This retails:€40.00 for 50ml.
If someone had really dry skin this is my choice for that:

I would use this for someone who has really oily skin or large pores.

When it comes to concealer I mostly had to use CC green concealer. Catrice: around €4
I have the Mac concealer pallet in light as well mostly because I use them as eye-shadow primers and concealers so it does 2 jobs. Retail price 47
I dont have that many foundations for my kit simply because I don't need many at the moment and these are what does the job for me right now. Mac Face&Body in C1 and C5 to mix together, I use these on someone who has really good skin and doesn't really need much coverage,as well as great for people with dry skin.
Retail price:around €37 if i remember correct for the 120ml but you can get the large bottle only in Brown Thomas Dublin.
If I need medium to full coverage I use Mac Studi Fix.The shades I have are Nw13,Nc25,Nc44.5.
Nc20 is the most useful shade that suits a lot of people but its good to have few more to darken or lighten up the color. I do plan on Adding different foundation and more shades to my kit when I will be doing more freelance work but for now this works.
Retail price: €31.50 and the pump costs €5
Liquid highlighter is a must because it will make the highlight pop and look like a glow in photos in stead of being just a powder on top of your skin, it will really make a difference, and I love this one from Seventeen.
Retail price:€8.49
This is the best powder hands down ever, it goes on the skin seamlessly and especially for under eye area it does not leave powdery look great as well to use on mature clients.
I don't remember the price but you can get this in The Makeup Bar on 13 Angleasa Street, Templebar,Dublin.

Eyebrow products the same as eye shadows will be personal preference this pallet from Inglot that I made works perfect for me to use on clients but for myself I prefer using ABH Pomade.
The colors I have are: 375,329, 63,107,117 
You must have 3 main kohl pencils, white, nude and black, the ones I have are from Rimmel, I use the Maybelline master drama as well. 
Retail price: 4.69
Even tho a lot of people love the Inglot gel liner I refer this one as it is easier to use and doesnt get tackhy after a while, it glides on the skin.
Retail price: around €23
 These are my contour and bronzer shades from Inglot, I swap usually between this pallet and MUD bronzer.
Shades that I have: 502,509,510,507
Empty pallet:€12
Each refill pan:€10
When my bag is really heavy I stick to this Makeup Designory bronzer in Sunshine, I have been obsessed with this since I got it.
I dont remember correctly the price but it was under 30,you can get it at The Makeup Bar on 13 Angleasa Street, Templebar,Dublin.
This is Makeup Revolution blush pallet in Sugar and Spice: It is really good quality and has all the shades you will need as well as 2 highlighters.
Retail price: €8 You can this in The Omni or Talaght shopping centers or order online from Superdrug or Makeup Revolution Websites.
This is Makeup Revolution highlighter palette in Golden Sugar this will suit every skin color and you dont need to bring many different highlighters with you.
Retail price: €8 You can this in The Omni or Talaght shopping centers or order online from Superdrug or Makeup Revolution Websites.
 I used to always pick out colors from my lip-liners that I use and then having to put them back and pick out again when I needed then I came across this set and now I always have it in my bag. You ca  get these from Ebay for about 2.
When it comes to Red lip I do have separate set that I use for the perfect red lip It is Mud red lip liner and Lipstick In Lady Bug, this lasts on lips for ages and doesn't dry them out.
I got them in The Makeup Bar on 13 Angleasa Street, Templebar,Dublin. I payed  24 for the set of lip liner and lipstick.
When it comes to lipstick and the colors you should have again it will depends on what you do and what lipstick you like, get the basic colors at the start,  Pinky nude,Plain nude, light, medium and dark pink. Purple, Burgundy, Red, Dark red,ad dont forget to have clear gloss to put over the lipstick if anyone wants glossy lips.
More than half of these shadows are from MUD.
When it comes to eye-shadows it really your own choice and depending what your clientele is. I will drop pics of the pallets I use the most, 
These are Mac shadows.
The shimmery shadows from Inglot are my fave especially if you spritz them with Mac fix+
 I would suggest having at least 1 colorful eye shadow pallet just in case you will need it if you don't want to makeup one yourself Urban Decay Electric pallet is amazing.
I always have MAc fix+ to intensify shadows or pigments
€10 for 30ml or €20 for100ml
Inglot duraline I mostly use this to make eye-shadow as eyeliner.
Best glue, if you get this get the small tube because you will end u wasting a lot of prodct by using the large one since the tip of the tube is large it is hard to control how much product comes out.
Pennys has the best individual lashes for 1.50
For strip lashes Alixpress or Ebay

Same goes for disposable mascara wands and lip wands get them of Alixpress they will be a lot cheaper than Salon supply's.
I would highly recommend getting mac 224 blending brush and 263 angled brush (eyeliner)

Other things to have in your kit.
1.Wet wipes
2.Trash bags(Nappy Bags)
5. Eye makeup remover
6.Cotton rounds
9. Brush cleanser (Cinema Secrets, the best)
10. Mints (for breath)
11. Spatula and Mixing pallet
12.Hand sanitizer

I hope I didnt forget anything much, to mention.


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