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Make-Up Designory is a brand that isn't so well know like (Mac, Inglot, MUFE etc.) in Ireland and probably a lot more countries, but it should be . The quality of their makeup is (and I will say it) better than Mac, the eye shadows are creamy,pigmented, blend like a dream, lipsticks last on the lips for hours and hours even after eating and drinking. All of the products that I have tried are amazing quality and the price range is cheaper than Mac.
Since the Valentines day is around the corner, y'all need to be glammed up with the best makeup that will last you trough the night without needed to retouch every hour.  
Lots of people will be getting Makeup as a Vday present so some of these products might interest you :) 
I will start with face products and honest to God if there is one thing that you will try from their range get this Translucent powder.  This is the best powder you will ever use, and I have  tried a ridiculous amount of powders,  so for me to say this is the best one means a lot. It doesn't crease under eyes, or look powdery which a lot of powders tend to do. Keeps my oily skin balanced , it is really finely milled so it wont leave a white cast and feels like velvet. This powder is perfect for ,mature skin as well, since I got it this is the only powder I take everywhere with no doubt. I only buy things in 2 when they are really really good and I'm afraid to run out of them cuz I know I wont get anything like it elsewhere.
Price: 27.00
MUD: Sunshine bronzer.  The color is gorgeous, it looks amazing on the skin as well as it suits a range of skin tones so that's why this has been my favorite bronzer to take with me if I'm doing makeup, it its so easy to build up without it starting to look cakey or powdery on the skin. If you are just starting out in makeup or just want to try a new bronzer you will love this.
Price: 24.00

Alongside to the bronzer this brush  Nr 700 will sculpt your cheekbones to the Gods. It wont leave a just a straight line since i`1t is soft and the bristles aren't just in line it will give gorgeous sculpted but blown out look without having any harsh lines.
 This brush in nr920 and the next brush I will show a picture of are a must have for any Makeup artist or a makeup lover. This small angled brush  is so thin and it gives really great precision as well as if you use this to fill in eyebrows with small brush strokes it will give you more hair like appearance. 
And if you try and create that Egyptian eyeliner look in tear duct this will make it a lot easier.                                              
Nr900.  So for me to do my own eyeliner I need 2 brushes a straight liner brush to draw a line across the lid and an angled one to make the wing. This is the best brush to draw line across your lid, it is tiny if yo want a small line, and the bristles stay in place and dont start flying away. All the brushes I used to use always were either to thick or the bristles just start to fly everywhere and make a mess.
If I would loose the 920 and 900 brush I would no dought run to The Makeup Bar to get new ones.
I'm not the biggest lip-liner person but their lip-liners I must say are really  good quality and long lasting,they just glide on the lip. If you are a nude lip loving person the lip-liner in Natural is gorgeous.
Price: 13.50 (each)
MUD: Lady bug lipstick,I already have made a separate blog post about this lipstick including photos of  how long it wears and more info , because this is the best long lasting lipstick that you will ever find and it will not dry out your lips. This is the link for the post
The lipstick has blue undertones which will make your teeth look whiter.
This lipstick looks gorgeous on the lips and it will last thought the night the same, the quality of the lipsticks don't change I have 3 so far and will be getting more since they are the longest lasting lipsticks I have found that will not make your lips feel like Sahara desert
The swatch may not look like anything special but it is one of those products that you actually have to see on 
As I said all 3 of the lipsticks I own last for ages, this is gorgeous dark burgundy red color, but instead of it fading away and disappearing from lips after hours it just turns into light red lipstick, either way you are left with a color on your lips, and you end up getting 2 in 1 product. 
Price(lipsticks):14.00 [each]
 Mud cake liner is great not only as eyeliner but if you want to get really sharp and clean eyebrow this is amazing. It has to be activated with water, so I usually spray or dip my brush in water and then go into product.
Price: 15.00
Their eye shadow game is on whole different level, they are pigmented, don't have a lot of fallout , creamy, blend really easy these are my favorite eye shadows to use at the moment, I had these for awhile now  and if I needed to choose one color from this bunch you probably can guess which one it is.  Its called Espresso this is the best warm tone brown medium color you will ever find, when  I started out with eye-shadows I got so many brown and none of the where the right color until i found this one. You need that color in your life.
Same goes for Chamois it is the best transition color alongside Dulce De Leche if you are doing lighter eye look, use Cashemere as your shimmery highlight.
If you like the cranberry/burgundy eye looks you need to get Berrywood cuz it gives the most beautiful tone, use warm brown(Chamois) transition color then go in with Berrywood, after go in with Pomegranate and tiny bit of Espresso it will look gorgeous and highlight the brow-bone with Bone, if you like your eyes to look dark you can darken it up more with black eye shadow (onyx) from Mud.
Bronze is the best color to get if you want to achieve that golden bronze eye look that has been on trend recently.
 These are the colors I have gotten most recently including repurchasing Espresso. I find Mud brown colors to be one of the best ones because they are warm toned and I use them all the time.
If you need a fabulous pink eye shadow, well you guessed Pink Grapefruit is great for that, as well as I finally found the best Purple color that doesn't go muddy and stays thought to color when you start blending it with other eye shadows (Velvetine).
So I am kinda a bit obsessed with orange color not only using it on its own but mixing with brown, if you mix Firebrick with Taupe or Semisweet depending on how dark or bright you want it to be it will give you the most unique warm,orangy brown color I get asked a lot what eye shadow I use when I have that combination on my eyes. 
Price:9.50 (each)
I don't have this mascara at the moment but i have used it so I wanted to mention it for especially makeup artists who are reading this, the tube is soft so you can squeeze the actual mascara out it when if you need to fr spesific look , like I've done before period looks where I literary needed to clump mascara on, so I squeezed it out from the tube on pallet and used disposable wands to apply it. This is a product that I would really suggest having in your kit.
Price: 16.00

The question probably is now, well where can I buy these products!?

You can get them all in The Makeup Bar on 13 Anglesea street, Templebar , Dublin

Their website: 


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