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Dreadlock maintenance

Photographer: Sneachta Pix
I wanted to make this post for people who want to get dreads but might be afraid cuz of the maintenance, well maintenance is really easy and I will answer my most asked questions I have gotten since I got  my hair done. These are hair extensions that are braided into hair and does not cause damage to your own hair and you can take them out when ever you wish. At this stage I have them for about month.
Photographer: Portrait By Lina Barak
The first 3 days when you get them done they will be tight to the head and you might find it harder to tie them back. It will feel weird to sleep on the side for the first 3 days too until you get used to the hair and it softens up but for me personally the dread extensions did not hurt to sleep on as I have had normal hair extensions before and they did hurt.
Photographer: IllustratedMan
For me the most comfortable and easiest way to wear them on day to day bases is when I tie them back either with hair tie or I just take 2 pieces of  dreads from each side and tie them back that way.
Yes you can wash the hair, with shampoo and water like you do your normal hair just don't use conditioner.The actual extensions dry fast I usually just blow dry the roots. I have few pieces of hair left out for softer look so what I do with those pieces I brush them with hair brush so I would not have knots. Some of them have elastic see trough bands so they hold better if the snap just add  new one on you can get 300pc in Penny's for 1,50euro.  Other than that this is literally as far as the maintenance goes. They save so much getting ready time in the morning as I don't have to worry about my hair anymore. 
Tip: if you don't want the hair to itch much when you go to sleep don't tie back the hair just leave them loose.
Photographer: @AleksTiu
I haven't experimented much about the styling of them but I like doing buns, and when the hair loosens up they it is so easy to maneuver around and place the way you want them. You will get little bit of friction because it is synthetic hair so you might get few spots itchy from time to time but it isnt anything to worry about as it is normal. You don't have to have long hair if you want them done as long as it is decent length to be able to braid them in.
Photographer: Portrait By Lina Barak
You can get the dreads in the color of your hair or if you want colorful ones witch I will be doing after these not sure what colors will I add but I will change them up, if you want to see how will they look after follow me in Instagram  MakeupMadness107 and follow the Dread shop page on Instagram too where I get them done as they do post photos of clients and their work TheDreadShopDublin
Also you can get accessories for the dreads like  beads, ribbons, charms etc. to decorate them and have them more interesting, as well as you dont have to get actual full head of the dreads you can add how many pieces you want as decoration to your own hair. The do sell clip in dreads too as well as pony tails.
If you ant to get dreads and have any en-queries click on this link and contact  The Dread Shop Dublin  Kep an eye out on their page as they do tours around Ireland and go to different cities so if you are not from Dublin you still can get the extensions as well as they post out the clip in and pony tail dread extensions.

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