Friday, 6 May 2016

Empty reviews

The main reason I wanted to do empties reviews in because of the Silver shampoo and make-up products I have used up...
1. Scwarzkpof--€12.25.  I used this shampoo before I got my dreads, on the silver ends and this is the only shampoo that I found actually makes the hair silver with other purple shampoos if you leave them on for too long they stain the hair purple and take 3+washes to get the purple out and have them silver looking but with his shampoo it doesn't stain the hair it just makes it more silver the longer you hold it in the hair.
You can get it in salon supply stores.
2.. Tresemee Deep Cleaning shampoo--€2.7.This shampoo is really good to use once in a while to get the scalp and hair really clean from all  of the build up that may be cause by using different products it is important to use deep cleansing shampoos to clean the scalp so that the hair can grow easier and does not have to push trough dirt. If you have colored hair don't use it too often because it is deep cleaning so it can strip your hair color, not blonde tho it will leave blond hair as it is because it has been most likely bleached not colored. 
You can get this in Boots,Tesco, and any local retail stores may carry it.
3.Sure deodorant-€3.49 All I can say it is a good deodorant and if you wear a lot of black clothes like I do this is a must to have so that you would not have marks the same goes for white clothes if you want to avoid yellow deodorant marks this will be great for it.
You can get this in Boots,Tesco, and any local retail stores may carry it. 
 4. The /body Shop Tea Tree toner- around €10. This is great for oily skin to get rid of dirt and excess oil and it does not dry out the skin  like a lot of products that are meant for oily skin would, Ive been repurchasing this countless times just because it works really well and I see no need of trying new products when I have found something that is perfect for my skin and helps it.
This only retail in The Body Shop stores.
5.Garnier eye make-up remover- Was €4.49 is now in Boots €2.99. Im sure this have been seen on my page and Instagram many many times simply because it is really good eye and makeup remover in general as well as it usually is on sale so I tend to grab them then, but it does take the makeup of really easy due to having and oil in it.
6. MyChellle fruit enzyme cleanser I got this as a sample of when I was ordering makeup, Honestly this is an amazing cleanser it takes the makeup of, does not dry out the skin and gives a bit of hydration as well as leaves the skin feeling smooth if it was more accessible in shops I would definitely purchase it.
7.Mac studio sculpt foundation, -around €35. Nc30. Even tho this is meant for dry skin( not a chance) it is amazing on my oily skin repurchased countless of these, but I will be mostly likely making a switch from Mac to Ingot foundations in general even for my clients. But it is an amazing foundation, If you are planing to purchase it i would recommend trying a sample.
 8.Maybelline-€10.49 buy 1 get 1 half price in Boots at the moment on Maybelline products, I have hate and love relationship with this foundation sometimes it looks really good on my skin sometimes it looks way too dry. It is light coverage you can build it up a bit but If you use it on top of your normal foundation it will give a flawless look to the skin.
 9.Inglot brow gel in nr16. -around €1. The color it self is perfect for me, I do wish it was thicker and more pigmented like the Anastasia brow gels as well as last longer on the skin as some days it does slip and slide but it easy accessible to get in stores so handy to be using it.

 10. Nars Laguna bronzer-€38.00. So so sad that this is gone but I have new one in place. This has slight shimmer to it but is matte on the skin it looks gorgeous on and gives such a nice co lour, simply great product I would recommend trying it if you haven't yet.
You can get in In Brown Thomas.


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