Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Primark(Penny's) Strobe&Contour kit + extras review

Since Primark make-up is affordable I decided to try out the strobe & contour kit to see if it is worth even spending the €3.50 on them. First thing it came with sharpener witch is a great.
It comes with 3 colors they do say on them highlight,blush and bronzer they all are highlighters  just different color silver one is the one that's stated as highlighter,then one is pink tone (blush), one is gold(bronzer). They are quiet pigmented too so you don't need to use loads to get the color.
They apply on the skin really smooth and easy as well as blend great. If you use more you will get more intense look and even after you apply powder the highlight is strong and you can see it trough over all they are amazing and 100% worth trying.

So when I took out contour kit there was oil build up outside the packaging and one of the stick was broken, at the start I tough it may be a problem for me cuz I have oily skin and they will not stay on, but turns out it wasn't because they are with oils it actually just made the actual product to glide on the skin like a butter and blend really easy the actual consistency of the product is perfect as well as it stays on all day long.
Colour wise  me having medium skin tone the yellow highlight shade was perfect for highlighting, I don't think it would be as great for someone who has really pale skin complexion.
The contour shade on the other hand is too gray for me to use as I have really yellow undertones in my skin but it would be perfect shader for someone who has paler skin.. I can use it, but it would have to be tiny amount as the contour kit is really pigmented.
The bronzer is a really good shade not too orange not too grey in between so this should fit most light-medium skin tones just again you don't need to use a lot of it as they are pigmented.
This kit as well is 100% worth trying out for €3.50.
 This cost around €4 and it came with a small brush witch is pretty good.
The only colour that really had a lot of pigment in it was the  bronzer but even then It could be a bit warmer and not so muddy looking as well as blend softer. Highlighter shades aren't too pigmented they would do for a really natural look but that's about it, they do lack in pigment.
I wouldn't recommend trying them even tho it comes with brush, Sleek, Collection & Seventeen has a lot  better and affordable contour kits that are way easier to use. I did see the same version of this as highlighter kit but when I swatched it there was no point even trying it for me as I knew its lacking pigment and I wouldn't like it.
Coudn't resist picking this up for €2. It is a basic really good lipgloss, not sticky doesn't have a strong scent and looks amazing over purple tone lipstick and on its own, again this is worth trying.
This is fab for dry/dull skin it gives gorgeous glow underneath the makeup and has a bit of spectacles in it  I have oily skin but some days i love using this on the cheeks for more glow look , definitely worth to try. 

Another mention has to go to Primark lip-liners they are fab, sooth, creamy last for long time and really pigmented.

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