Friday, 27 May 2016

Fat lash, mink lashes

Style: No Regrets

I got these lashes in The Makeup Bar Link to their fb page:
Price: €30
Is worth the price: For me Yes
Reusable up to 25times.

So these are mink lashes and because of that they are really soft,light weight and feathery. For someone like me who has sensitive eyes these are actually really comfortable, I can't wear huge lashes usually cuz my eyes start to water after few minutes but with these they are fine so that is why they are worth the money for me.

The band is thick but it isn't plastic so it bends well into the shape of the eye and doesn't stick back up and since it is thick its the lashes don't rip as fast when you take them off and you can use them more if you take care. I have wore them 5+ times already will include some photos at the end. They will start slowly loosing the curl after wear and tear but they still look fab, I do want to get a smaller version of the ones I have cuz they are more curled.

The spesific lashes I have in No Regrets are perfect for dramatic eye looks because they show because a lot of times normal lashes wouldn't really be seen if the makeup is strong.
They have more styles in stock in The Makeup Bar, more natural ones and ones that flair our at the end and are shorter on the inside, I must say they look gorgeous on too.

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