Wednesday, 9 September 2015

As Cheap as it gets, Essence

Since for some people spending even 6euro on a lipstick is too much these lipsticks are a bit over 2euro and are great quality. I am so glad I tried the Essence lipsticks, I wish they would come out with a lot more colors. The main things I look for in a lipstick is the color pay off and that they don't dry out my lips. How long the lipstick lasts isn't the biggest problem for me because I always carry the lipstick I'm wearing with me so that I can reply it. These do have the color payoff, lasts for a decent amount of time and does not dry out my lips. I love them and definitely would recommend to try at least 1.
My niece came over and since she doesn't wear lipstick she wanted to get something really cheap to try and these were the first thing I recommended her, she ended up getting 4 and loved them.

Another thing I really like about the Essence lipsticks is that, not only the packaging is cute it is practical too because you can see the color of the lipstick without having to open it

My fave color from these 3 Is the Oh So Mat!
These colors are perfect for people who like natural makeup or love nude lips.

I have found that a lot of cheap lipsticks have that plastic and cheap smell, but not the Essence lipsticks.

These are the perfect colors for the Mauve lipstick fanatics.
My fave is Come Naturally.

For some color I unfortunately have only 3 lipsticks because Essence lipsticks most of the time are sold out when I go to look at them, but i do want to get more colors.

My fave is Wear Berries.

In Ireland you can get Essence lipsticks in Penny's and quiet s bit Pharmacy's sell it, so you just have to keep and eye out in your local pharmacies.

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  1. I have three nudes and one pink , I need to pick more of them :)