Saturday, 21 November 2015


Honestly the quality of both of these are the same, and they are extremely similar with tiny bit of differences when you swatch them but when it goes on the skin it is same if not even the New Look one is better.
A lot of people already know about the Smashbox kit butt since New Look recently launched makeup line many people don't know about the New Look contour kit, it isn't powdery, blends well, and looks great on skin. I prefer New Look one, especially since the contour shade is slightly more grayish witch makes it even better for contouring.
I know a lot of people are more about the name of the brand than the actually quality of the product bus seriously if you are willing to spend €44 for the name you might as well then try the cheaper alternative and see it for yourself that not always name of the Company means that the product is better than more affordable alternative.
Save your money and don't bother getting the Smashbox palette go and get yourself a bargain in New Look for a lot cheaper and same quality.
Price-New Look: €7.99

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