Friday, 27 November 2015


I did not plan on going shopping on Black Friday but because I did end up buying few Christmas presents for people since they were on sale, and I got few bits for myself and Yes I know Inglot again but seriously since I changed to 10 pan pallets I cant atop buying and using them.
Dior had 10% of  in Boots and since I needed  a new one  of these I thought I might as well get it, the one I am using at the moment is about or over a year old but then again there is still a bit left there and it work as fine this does make your lashes a lot longer and thicker and it doesn't matter what mascara you use after lashes still look great definitely recommend trying this out.

Since it is night time and the pictures are taken with flash you are able to see more of the finish that the eye shadows have and that some of them has sparkle in it.


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