Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Makeup & Beauty supply Haul.

So I went a bit of Christmas shopping and obviously couldn't leave without buying myself something too, as well as I received brushes in mail and other bits I thought I might as well share.
This tiny bit happened today when I had to go to town :)
Makeup Revolution Salvation palette Iconic Pro2. I went to Superdrug but unfortunately nearly everything was sold out :( and I saw this pallet thrown at the back so I looked at it and just couldn't leave it there,I love that blue shade and Makeup Revolution always does good makeup.
Retail price:Over €10
Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Palette Flawless Matte- This was too good pas it up as well all matte shades, Love it.
Retail price:Over €10
Makeup Academy Base pro, correcting powder.  I tried it once, felt smooth and velvety on the skin so most likely there will be followup on this on my Instagram @pinkice107
Studio London.I wanted some sparkle for Christmas time s these were perfect it is a set of 4 eyeliners for only €6 in Superdrug.
 Swatches of the eyeliners, being honest I wont use the black liquid liner but I like the sparky ones.
As the name says I got it in New Look, a bit disappointed as it isn't opaque as I taught it will be so Ill just have to put darker base color underneath this polish but color is gorgeous. 
Retail price:€3.99
New Look contour palette. This is amazing I have to say I love it used it only twice but It is pigmented easy to blend, stays on all day and simply looks good as well as it is a dupe for more high end contour pallet so Dupe post will be coming as soon as I will use this a bit longer time
Retail price: €7.99
Swatches of New look contour palette.
 Inglot Amc eyebrow gel in nr 16. I hope this is good cuz my Anastasia one is nearly gone so I wanted to try something new.
Retail price: €16 (might be 15
Since I needed a new empty 10 pallet I wanted to get at least 1 eye-shadow(purple) but then I saw these gorgeous metallic shadows and couldn't walk away from Inglot counter without buying them.
Retail price: €6(each)
1. Nr156
2. Nr377
 I ordered the brush from Alixpress and since I got it I cant stop using it, I feaking love this brush for powder becuse it is really really soft and good quality.
Retail price: €8
I had to throw this in here for people who are Makeup artists or in general use disposable wands, I order them from Alixpress too instead of buying 28wands for €4.25 in salon supply store(Ireland) I get 100wands for €3. It takes time for them to come for me I haven't waited for an order longer than month and a half, but usually stuff starts coming after 2 weeks and the shipping is free.
1. Lip wands are around €3 for 50 of them.
2. The black masacara wands are around €3 for 100wands
3. Pink mascara wands are around €3 for 50wands
4. The rubber pink wands are around €3 for 50wands  (The best ones they get to the roots of the lashes)
I said around for price because sometimes they are even cheaper that is when I try to buy them but they can go up to €5 or more euros so if you see prices like that don't buy them look around the website and you will find them a lot cheaper.
Need eyelashes I get them from Alixpress  usually pay up to €4 per pack not more, especially good for someone whos practicing to use lashes you don't need to pay over €6 per pair of lashes to practice with.
 They have fashion and all kinds of diamond lashes these go around €2 and up for a pair.Still better than paying €10 and up for them.
These Jessup  brushes is my best ever purchase from Alixpress  love them the quality is really good and thy are really soft I payed for the set around €18 and you cant go wrong with that especially when I sometimes pay  €45 for one brush. Amazing for begner to get or really anyone cuz they are really good. 

These are the Jessup brushes close up for each one.  

This is the best lip brush I own at the moment(Love it) 
 Sry for drastic change of background,it got accidentally deleted from camera.

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