Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The best eyeliner ever

Yesterday I realized while buying once again another one of these beauty's that I keep saying to everyone about how amazing this  aqua black waterproof cream eye shadow is, so I might as well make an appreciation blog post about it.
Ive been using the Make Up For Ever aqua black for ages now and gone trough so many.
It is the perfect eyeliner, because the texture is smooth and creamy it glides on the skin isn't tacky or hard to maneuver with, when I started using this eyeliner it became so much easier and faster to do a winged liner.  It does not dry out (at least for me) I always end up using all if it up, never I had to put even a drop of Inglot Duraline in it. I have sensitive eyes and I used this in my water line I did not have any reaction on irritation and it stayed on all night, the lasting power of this is amazing it does not smudge,crease or anything it stays in place until you take it of, and even tho it stays on so well it is easy to get of with eye makeup remover.

If you want full on black smokey eye then this is perfect too, I apply it on the lid then go over with black eye-shadow and blend (soften) the edges,because it is a cream shadow it is easy to blend it and doesn't get stuck in one place like a lot of eyeliners would.

Also if I want a matte black lip I use this for it too, because it does not crack on the lips and stays on for ages, doesn't dry them out either. Make Up For Ever does have a black lipstick too that I use but it is not matte.

I use this for sfx too it is easy to draw with due to it being so creamy.

Basically I use this for everything and all that involves black color, and I am obsessed with it, I refuse to use or try any other eyeliners, cuz I don't believe there is anything better and easier to use than this one. If you ever see me wearing eyeliner I can assure that it is 100% this one (will include some photos). It truly was a game changer for me and a holly grail product,I would highly recommend trying it.

Price: €23 You can get Make Up For Ever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin (in Ireland)

Honorable mention, make up for ever metallic powders they are amazing too. I only have 1 but it is awesome. I will be trying more and more make up for ever products because they are really good quality. Their eye-shadows are really pigmented and easy to use as well as you get loads of product cuz the pan is huge.

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On lips and eyes 

As eyeliner

Geisha look
As eyeliner
As eyeliner
As eyeliner
Metallic powder

This is Metallic powder mixed with glycerine and for neck mixed with Inglot duraline

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