Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Empty Reviews

Theses are February empties, but I will not be doing empty blogs every month since some moths I hardly have anything used up.
Garnier Ultimate blends conditioner: €4.29-  I would not recommend this as it wasn't moisturizing at all, even tho I have really thin hair this did nothing to it I used it up really quick since I had to use ridicolous amount of product to be able to get any moisture & softness from it.
 Herbal Essences Naked  Dry Shampoo:€4.29- This dry shampoo is one of the best ones, absorbs the oil without leaving the hair dry and feeling like a straw I've been using this for nearly 2years, really similar one is Timotei Pure Dry Shampoo( €4,89) so I  just get the one that the store I'm at have in stock.
Garnier Soothing 2in1 Make-up remover:€4.99. Since Garnier make-up removers are on sale or offer really often I usually get them only then. This one is good but since it is 2in1 and has oil you will need to clean your face with toner after so that it wouldn't be oily, as per eye makeup and mascara the actual small Garnier 2in1 eye makeup remover is better than this one.
 Garnier Express2in1 eye make-up remover: €4.49-  This is the remover I mentioned above, again it is on sale really often as well as now in boots for €2.99 so I get them when they are on sale, takes eye make-up of easy and doesn't leave the eyes feeling greasy.
 Mac Brush cleanser- €15.50- I wouldn't necessarily  recommend this even I use it, there are lot better brush cleansers out there, especially cinema secrets.
 Impulse Hint of Musk: €2.99 on sale now in boots for €1.50. I didn't like the scent neither it lasted long anyway.
Crazy Color silver:€4.49- It did not make my hair silver even a little, if you want silver hair get the  Schwarzkopf silver Shampo. Also crazy color drys out the hair(damages it).
No7, Normal/Oily Day& Night creams: €18.50(each)- I think these are 100% worth the money for oily skin, they kept my skin moisturized, smooth,  didn't make it oilier and they are perfect for sensitive skin too.
Sephora lotus Mask: Around €3- This one was really moisturizing and soothing good for people with dry&sensitive skin, if  we had them in Ireland I would purchase more.
Mac studio sculpt:€36.50- This has been my favorite foundation for few months now it is all I want to use. Has medium to high coverage, stays on all day. I have oily skin.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Black cream shadow: around €20- This is way better than the Inglot Gel eyeliner for reasons as such, It is a lot easier to apply cuz it is really smooth and glides on the skin, it doesn't dry out ,you don't have to put duraline it in, it stays on all day and does not smudge but is its a lot easier to take of than Inglot.
Ysl Touche Eclat Highliter: €35.00- I am not saying that this is a bad product but for the price it isn't worth it,the L'Oreal Lumi Magique (€12.79) is better, Ysl used up really quickly due to the lack of pigmentation you have to use more, as well as it isn't that much brightening. L'Oreal one lasted me for ages, has more pigment and is a lot brighter, I wouldn't repurchase Ysl one and will keep purchasing L'Oreal concealer if i will need brightening concealer.
 Blanck Canvis- Did not have it long, no explanation worked while was oky it just fell apart like that.
 Makeup Revolution Salvation velvet: around €4- The product isn't good quality flakes of really fast, dry out lips a bit, but the main thing is it doesn't not stay on lips and when you replay it it makes a mess and builds up product and flakes of again
Vaseline- There is nothing much to say everyone knows that it is a lip balm and moisturizes lips but the Aloe Vera one is my favorite.
These are some No7 lip glosses and some I got in Tk max ages ago, by this stage they are gone of and aren't usable.

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