Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Empties

I don't have that many empties this month but its better when there is less stuff to write about.
 I will start doing the mini reviews with the stuff that I liked the most and was my favorites.
 Dior Lash Plumbing serum-€33.50 
This is lasted me for ages, it makes your lashes really long and thick it doesn't matter what mascara you will use after, lashes will still look the bomb, I already repurchased it.
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara €7.49
Repurchased this one already, it makes lashes really really long this is the most lengthening mascara I've found so far.
 GlamGlow Supermud €56
I have repurchased this  before but for some reason it is impossible to find it in any store at all, because it is sold out everywhere, it is great for pulling out dirt and oils from the skin.
Cinema Secrets  €32
This is a multiple time repurchase amazing from even taking out waterproof eyeliners like the Inglot one, from brushes
Garnier Express 2 in1 eye makeup remover. It usually is  €4.49 but for somne reason I always see it on sale and get it when it is around €2 and that actually is the reason why I swaped from Nivea 2in1 eye  makeup remover to this one. They work the same.
 Max Facor,  This is a really good voluminasing mascara and it separates lashes really good as well. The reason why this has no wand is  because I cut it off to use in my course and so that I would mix in with mascaras that  I use myself, well turns out it was a big mistake to do so because it dried out really really fast and the other one of these that I opened at the same time but I am using with the wand is still good.
 This is one of the things that I have been sing for ages as well in the mornings to refresh my face since this doesn't take of makeup.
This is some cheap brush from a set of 4 that I got from Alixpress for €2 and it lasted a decent amount of time and it was second one that broke,the other 2 are still oky.
Surgical spirit-around €6. I use this for cleaning of my table, spatula, mixing pallet and various things.
Bleach London.€6.99 
It was oky'ish I did use this twice in a row to get intensity of the violet color I wanted but it washed out in about 5washes, and stained my hair turquoise/green witch tbh I don't like and it is taking ridiculous time to wash  out the residue.
Garnier-€6.49 on sale in Boots.ie for €4.33.
It was oky as a moisturizer but for some reason I did not like the scent it wasn't nice and the fact that there is a pump made it harder to get it out at the end ,so I didn't bother using it completely up anyways due to the fact I really disliked the smell.
Revlon €18.99.
If you like glittery/shinny face go for it. Other than it has glitter in it the coverage is medium to high.

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