Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Eyeliner Made Easy

There are people who do their eyeliner with angled brush or straight  brush, but if your  wings still aren't sharp enough why not use both brushes, and make it easier.

Products used: Make-Up  Designory(MUD) Cake liner in brown (Great to use as brow product)
MUD angled brush Nr920 (Easy to make sharp and precious lines)
MUD straight liner brush  Nr900 (Easy to control the thickness of eyeliner either really thin or thick)
 With nr 900 brush you can get your eyeliner really really thin if you like it that way, some other brushes tend to be to thick and it is hard to get a nice thin line.
This is how I do my own eyeliner , I draw line across my eyelid.
 Take the angled brush and draw a straight line as long as you want it to be from your eyelid toward your eyebrow. Angled brush is more dense and will not get flimsy or slip away creating a mess or wiggly line., as well as it is easier to get that sharp point with the tip of the angled brush due to it being denser.
 Take nr900 brush and draw another line from the wing toward the eyelid a line. All you have left to do is to straighten out if there isn't anything straight enough, you can make the wing, longer, sharper , thicker from there on.
It will take time and practice but it may be easier for some people to use 2 brushes if you can't get hold of one cuz sometimes drawing straight line across the lid with angled brush can be tricky and the vise versa drawing the wing with straight eyeliner brush may not get you as straight and sharp  wing as you like to.

Products used in the tutorial are available in The Makeup Bar on 13 Angleasea Street,Temple Bar,Dublin2.

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