Thursday, 25 February 2016

Inglot Duraline

I get a lot of messages about certain looks I do. What product I used?  Most of the time it is Inglot Duraline with something else to achieve the look so, I thought I'd share few of the looks and what I mostly(usually) use it for. Price range is in around 10euro mark.
This is what I call my colorful eyeliner pallet, so the most obvious thing is instead of buying loads of colorful gel eyeliners that potentially go will end up going to waste I just use this cheap Costal scents eye-shadow pallet to make my own eyeliners. Scrape a bit if eye-shadow on pallet(hand) add Duraline mix them together and you have an eyeliner of any shade you desire, it lasts all day and does not smudge. (Don't add too much duraline just tiny bit enough to make it in liquidy form)
 Duraline is also good to make your old,dried up eyeliner into brand new one, add few drops mix it together and you have an eyeliner you can work with again.
 It is also good for sticking down glitters or pigments, again remember less is more.
Another way I use the eye-shadows and Duraline is to make a lipstick, for various reasons I want the particular shade of lipstick or I want to match it to the eye-shadow, like I did in this photo. It dries matte and is really long lasting too.
Photo Credit: Photographer: Jason Lawlor
Model: Cornellia Lawson Salako
I had a time where I needed a red lipstick but I forgot it so all I had was red lip-liner, so I did a generous swatch of the lip liner onto my hand added a drop of duraline and made it into lipstick, it gave a lot more even coverage for the lips than only using lip-liner on its own.
It is a great way to make a lip and cheek tint as well.
If you want to create look like this, you can mix the duraline with metallic powder. I used The makeup forever mettalic powder with Glycerine in this photo,but it doesn  not dry on the skin. As  if you need it to last for long period of time use duraline and it will dry on the skin making it long lasting.
Photo credit: Photographer: David Stanway
Model: Elina Nekrica
If you want to have a highlight that sky rockets to the moon and you don't have Mac fix+ spray to use on your brush , again Duraline will come in handy just mix it with duraline and apply on the skin (less is more)  it will make the highlighter a lot brighter than it is. I't is especially great to use if you are doing a photo-shoot as the highlight will appear a lot better on the camera. Like I have done in the photo above.
Photo Credit: Photographer: Robbie Kelly
Model: Ingrida Svedunova

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