Wednesday, 10 February 2016

L'Olear Fixing mist

Honestly I didn't want to do a review of this product because I've seen so many people hate it and say that it leaves white cast on their face, does nothing, leaves their mirrors and clothes white, but then again this is my blog and ,my own opinion and it  will be different from other people.

So 1st, this smells amazing, love the scent.
How I use it: I shake it really well then hold my hand out and spray it.
I think that this spray is amazing , it keeps my makeup in place, does not leave any white cast on my face even tho I am tan and is great(affordable)  for every day use, never left my clothes white, and I would recommend trying it.

However since people are complaining about their mirrors getting white and dirty, I did go in front of my mirror and sprayed this few times on it, yes it did leave my mirror with white specks.  I guess if you spray it on the mirror it will become white as well as if you spray probably too close to your face.

Overall I like it and haven't had  any problems with it.


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