Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Makeup Bar Experience

Last Friday I had a chance to work in The Makeup Bar by The Makeup Crew in Dublin alongside Keira and Annie, and it  was amazing experience for me so I wanted to share it as well as what should customers expect walking in there to get their makeup or hair done.
There will be extra pictures and info included at the end.
If you are looking for an amazing place to get your makeup and hair done book in with The Makeup Bar while they aren't booked out.

Makeup done by me (Elina) 

 What to expect as a client: 
1.Professional service & Flawless makeup application and gorgeous hair.
2. Fun time.
3. You will be asked are you happy with your makeup or/and hair so feel free to say if you would like to change anything or add some more at any time.
4. You are welcome to bring pictures of what would you like hair and  makeup wise.
5. Chat away about anything you like the girls are always open for a chat.

If you are one of those people like me who can not sit still in a chair for a long time definitely book in with Keira at The Makeup Bar she is like a Super Makeup Artist and does her job flawlessly but quickly as well as she will make your hair go from 0 to 10 I haven't seen anyone do such an amazing and beautiful  up-styles.  She is the best go to makeup artist for weddings. 
Look her up on her Instagram page: @Keirathemakeupcrew

Just look at this princess hairstyle Keira did on my client, I coudn't stop looking at her hair.

If you are new or simply not experienced enough in makeup and beauty including skin care, or simply do your makeup only on occasions 100% go for Annie she is amazing at giving advice in skin care and makeup ask her and she will talk you trough everything she is doing and will give you great advice on aftercare. You will definitely leave her chair with some knowledge and will want to come back for more advice and the beautiful makeup she does.
 The Makeup Bar will be open on St. Stevens day & New Years eve. 
As well as if you thought that getting a free coffee is great for collected stamps look at this Loyalty Card for Makeup, can you even imagine for every 5 makeup applications you get a 6th one free it is like a gift to yourself.
Check out their Facebook page for more info and deals: https://www.facebook.com/themakeupbardublin/?fref=ts 
My experience:

For me the most important and valuable thing that I learned and understood is not a makeup skill but the knowledge that everything takes time even talking to people, when I did my first client I was more nervous since I wanted to do the makeup really good as I had 2 really highly qualified and professional makeup artists working alongside with me that have been doing this for years and years, which sometimes can make things worse when you end up stressing out, and then when the time went I was more relaxed and could do better job because I felt better. So I know if I would have to do it more often I would get slightly better every time, as  I do with The Makeup crew(College) work experiences every time I go to an event I feel more confident and it is that bit easier to do the job next time.
Makeup done by me ( Elina)
Makeup done by Keira
Makeup done by Keira
Hair done by Keira

There are wide range of MUD makeup available to purchase in The Makeup Bar including this lipstick which is phenomenal more info on my previous blog post http://makeupbypinkice107.blogspot.ie/2015/12/th-perfect-re-lip.html

Any natural makeup lover needs this nude lip glaze, the most buttery,pigmented and smooth lip glaze I have ever used and most important part it isn't sticky at all available at The Makeup Bar.

Great value gift sets for Christmas,grab them while you can.

These are the softest brushes ever, I have the bigger version of this and it has become my staple powder brush since I got it, so I want to get one of these small ones too. Great quality & affordable price.
They have a lot more great products in there on wich I plan on purchasing hopefully this week and try them all out until start of January since I use MUD eye shadows on daily bases (the best eye shaodws out there) I will be purchasing more products to try out as I plan on doing 2 blog posts on January to start of the year with new makeup and since Make-up Designory (MUD) is really really good quality high end brand I plan on talking about them a lot more due to the fact that it is really under rated Makeup brand here in Ireland.
As well as if I will accumulate enough products I will do makeup look using full face of MUD products.
YES. They do makeup courses, I have completed the training with the makeup crew in module 1 and 2 currently doing the module 3. Only reason I decided to do the module 3 because the tutors Lisa, Keira and Annie are really nice and helpful when I went there all I could do basically is my base (primer, foundation,powder,blush,bronzer, highlight) and mascara my eyebrows and everything else is completely different story, I learned so much by being there and they were the kick start I needed to get going and continue doing what I love, but on that maybe some other time I will do separate blog post as this one is getting really long.
Their instagram @themakeupcrew
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/themakeupcrew/?fref=ts




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