Saturday, 5 December 2015

Th Perfect Re Lip.

 Drop all of your red lipsticks and everything else you are doing. As you all know Holiday season is red lip season and I keep wanting to wear red but all of the Mac Russian red, Ruby woo etc are so drying on lips especially in the winter times so I always end up picking them out and putting them back into my drawers because It is not worth the effort and having cracked lips afterwards.
So I saw The Makeup Bar (Dublin) post this Make-up Designory (MUD) Christmas Set  on their Facebook page for €25, and since I have been hearing a lot of good things about this lipstick I had to try it and I had hopes for it, and I put it to test today.
 This is the set I have. Lipstick in Lady Bug.
1.Colour - This is a cool(blue) toned red  which means that It will make your teeth look a lot whiter and this was one of the most important things to me because with red you can go wrong and it can make your teeth look yellow. The same goes for lip liner love the cool tone color.
2. Application -   The lip liner glided on it was so easy to use it and fill in the whole lip without any effort but as soon as it was on the lips it did not move, smudge, or transfer when I touched the lips even tho it went on like butter. 
Lipstick was the same really really creamy and pigmented was so easy to apply it without any struggle like you would with Matte red lipsticks.
3. Lasting power - This is the most ridiculous part of the fact that the actual color and application is amazing, I have NEVER ever had a lipstick with  lasting power like this one and I have tried a lot of lipstick starting from Essence to Dior and everything in between and the middle.
4.Comfort -  This is lipstick will not dry out your lips, even tho I do have dry lips it was delightful to wear and my lips were the same at the end of the day were like before I applied the lipstick.

I  put the lipstick on at 10am (I will have pictures included at the end), had coffee, went to work had food and drinks , then after that worked, had bottled water and more food, after I went for drinks had more food (I eat a lot :D ) and was home around 8.30pm and I still had the stain of lipstick on my lips. 
Every lipstick I used even the Matte ones they don't last as long, you have to keep replying the trough the day, especially if  I am drinking constantly and eating a lot. One more thing I always have to do when I have matte red lipstick on is put lip balm on my lips during the day because they get way too dry , and I did not need lip ball today with the MUD Lady Bug lipstick.

The swatches are not doing the justice for the actual color. I have been real busy so it is hard to get time to take pictures of everything in day light.
 You can get the MUD lipstick set on 13 Anglesea Street,Templebar, Dublin, Ireland.
If you wish to get just the lipstick it is  €14
lip liner  €13.50
The best part is the lipstick is affordable and doesn't cost ridiculous amount  money for a high end quality product, it would make a perfect gift for Christmas, yourself or any makeup or Red lip lover.

This was after 5or 6hrs of work and having food as you can see the lipstick is still looking like just applied.

This was after 7 or 8 hrs when I had more food and drinks
This one was when I was going home at the end of the day 20.30 o 'clock as you can see there is still tint left the top lip has less color on it but lipstick goes for some reason of my top lip first , keep in mind this was after 10hrs of wearing it and having loads of food and drinks.  THE MAKEUP BAR FACEBOOK

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