Thursday, 10 December 2015

Makeup Haul

This will be the last haul hopefully this month only thing I will be purchasing more of are Makeup Designory (MUD) products. All the pictures were taken at night time so bare with me for the quality of them as I have been really busy during the day I it is hard to find time to take photos.
Makeup Forever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin has these great sets now for Christmas 47euro. they have smaller ones too with 1 or 2 beauty blenders that are cheaper definitely check them out.
Made a trip yesterday to The Makeup  Bar on 13 Anglesea Street,Templebar,Dublin to pick up more MUD products for the post Im planing on doing as I mentioned in my previous blog
 More Inglot eye shadows cuz you all know Ive been having obsession with them.
The new Mac lipstick from Dark Desire Collection Black Knight, I have to be honest I was disappointed in this collection as the lipstick aren't as pigmented as I would like them to be, but on the other side they are great for people who want to start wearing more daring colors as it wont be in your face.
As you can see this is a  transparent, as well as it has some brown tint to it, which I don't mind, but the staying power isn't great as well as you have to apply loads to get black color, Use black eyeliner underneath it will help the staying powder and the color to be more opaque, but i has gorgeous shimmer in it.
Love Makeup Forever glitter this one is so so pretty the picture doesn't do it justice, still want to pick up gold and white one unfortunately they were out of stock but if you go into the store check the silver one out.

Nr502, great for people who has paler skin.

Swatch of Inglot 502 contour powder

Primark (Pennys) €9.50, it smells great I will be using this tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates @pinkice107

Since I have an obsession with Makeup Revolution a had to get this highlighter pallet I have the full size of the purple one already but since I wanted to get the rest this one was better deal. €11.12
The Makeup Revolution Highlighter Pallet
I have one of these in Breathe too, and since t is the dupe for Hourglass ambient lighting powders  I had to get the whole thing and if you have read my blog since beginning then you know that  prefer The makeup revolution version better for more info this is the link to the post  have done
Swatches of the Highlighter palette in Radiance 

Mac Studio Fix n Nc25, just a stick up for my kit.

 All of the 4 items above was a Makeup Revolution Christmas set that was on sale on their website as well as they have great deals on now every wek for Christmas.
I am not the biggest blush loves but I adore this Makeup Revolution Blush in One For Playing Games. Price €3.47. The picture doesn't do it Justice.
Got thos of Hairspray for €9.99 just to store glitter and all kinds of sfx stuff, they have different colors as well.
Lovely lash order from Alixpress came in too.

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  1. The beauty blender set looks great!