Sunday, 20 December 2015

Is It Worth The Money?-Beauty Blender

I got this in Make Up For Ever on 38 Clarendon St, Dublin.This set was around €47 but they have more sets that are cheaper and include just 2 or the 1 beauty blender,(BB) but since I needed to try them all I got this one. The Beauty Blender on its own is around €20, I  can not get the exact prices because I cant find them on the Makeup forever website.
I have been using the Real Techniques(RT) sponge for over 2 years simply because I can sometimes be skeptic about things like sponges and since the RT one worked so well and is  €7.99 I never bothered trying BB. 

This is the original one that most of people probably have, in the first picture it is dry and the second one wet, I know it is hard to see thought pictures the size difference but you can see that in the second one it has become more porous. This is the one I tried first and my first reactions was WOW, it made the foundation application a lot faster than the RT sponged it blended out the foundation so quick and I didn't need to go over and over with it again or use more product.
So only trying this I was so so pleased as I used a significantly less product than I would with the RT sponge since the BB absorbed a lot less foundation.
 First picture Dry, second Wet. A lot of people were saying that this is useless and does nothing valuable and I can agree i tried using it and loving it but its just takes up more time that it is needed I would totally skip this one because the pointy tip of the normal beauty blender does such a good job for under eye concealer and this tiny one just makes the life harder.

 This one is said to have a better coverage, well I don't know about that  but for some reason I have been reaching for this one more than the pink one, I feel like this gives that slightly more flawless finish.
This does nothing I would skip the cleanser too and stick with what you are using for your brushes it just did not take out anything from the BB.

My final thoughts are Yes The Black and the Pink BB are 100% worth the money as the actual shape is way better that RT, as well as applications is faster and the most important thing is it does not use up so much foundation as the RT sponge would in the end even tho the actual price of BB is higher you will end up saving money as it doesn't absorb all of your foundation.
If you are getting the set for yourself or someone as present get the one that has 2 big BB skip this one as the green tiny BB is useless.

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